Thursday, December 2

Activists question Biden for enforcing DACA without giving citizenship to undocumented immigrants

The ‘dreamers’ fight for the citizenship of all the undocumented.

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Leydy Rangel, Communications Manager for the UFW Foundation and recipient of DACA, recalls the hope that the President Joe Biden, he saw in the ‘dreamers’ in the White House last May, when they believed that a path to citizenship for the undocumented was possible, almost certain, but the blockade in Congress has dispelled part of that hope and the federal government gave a step that pays for disappointment.

“When I met with President Biden in the Oval Office last May, he told me that he knew this country was my home and that his administration would fight for undocumented Americans like me,” Rangel said. “Even though I call the US home, I can be deported if Congress doesn’t pass a permanent solution this year.”.

The organization of which he is a member considers that the decision of the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) to reinforce the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program, is important, but “not enough” to protect the ‘ dremers.

“Undocumented youth with or without DACA deserve it, hands down. the stability that we know Congress can provide this year, ”Rangel said. “We call on the majority of the Senate and House to act”.

As a provider of immigration legal services, the UFW Foundation continues to assist DACA recipients with their immigration protection renewals and will file a public comment in the federal registry, but the executive director of that group, Diana Tellefson Torres, considered that the DHS plan is insufficient.

“When we listen to DACA recipients, they demand change, certainty and stability. The DACA rule announced yesterday does not meet what is urgently needed: a permanent immigration solution, but we know that Congress can achieve it this year, “he said.

The DHS announced on Monday that it would put an adjustment to DACA to public comment, to avoid more damage to the ‘dreamers’, after the Southern District judge in Texas, Andrew Hanen, endorsed the request of that state attorney general, Ken Paxton, and eight other Republican prosecutors.

Although the We Are Home campaign – made up of dozens of organizations – is encouraging the public to comment on the rule, its biggest efforts are focused on Congress, calling on Democrats to move forward with immigration reform.

“The We Are Home campaign has had one goal: to gain a path to citizenship for millions of immigrants,” said Bridgette Gomez, director of the movement. “Our objective has not changed and our motivation has not wavered … The Biden administration’s new rule does little to address the risk millions of immigrants still live under“.

Added that DHS’s decision, announced by Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas, “increases confusion and uncertainty” among immigrants, including ‘dreamers’.

“The Democrats won the House, the Senate and the White House in an effort to chart a different course than the previous administration,” he recalled. “That includes passing transformative legislation that improves lives … using every lever of power they have to include (immigrant) legalization in a Reconciliation package this year.”

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