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Activities in Alicante to celebrate World Water Day 2021

An example of a water solution based on nature itself is La Marjal Park.

An example of a water solution based on nature itself is La Marjal Park.

The future of our planet depends on the most precious liquid for life: water. World Water Day, which is celebrated today March 22 sponsored by the United Nations, seeks in 2021 to know the meaning that this element has for each of us and to become aware.

A reflection more necessary than ever because in 2050 the world population will reach almost 10 billion people Y global water demand will increase by 20-30%. For this reason and in a year like this one, in which the importance of its preservation and its role in the health of the planet has become more evident than ever, the company Alicante waters has wanted to extend its celebration throughout the week with the campaign the “Water Week”, inviting a common reflection on the daily care that this essential resource requires.

Among the actions that the company has planned are: the launch of a specific communication campaign, participation in various audiovisual programs, holding a webinar thematic, the publication in various media related to the values ​​defended in this “Water Week” or the virtual tour of Alicante Water Museum, available to all citizens through the Platform “17 Muses”.

Pact for inclusive recovery

With responsible water management in its DNA and people at the center of its strategy, Aguas de Alicante has taken the initiative in the face of the challenges derived from the current sanitary crisis, proposing promote a social pact that guarantees a sustainable and equitable economic recovery, in accordance with the 2030 Agenda and the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Is about always guarantee access to water for vulnerable groups and promote a ‘green’ recovery that reaches the whole of society, leaving no one behind. A reactivation based on public-private collaboration and quality employment, taking advantage of the European funds Next Generation to make strategic investments, in which water and its future play a leading role.

Aguas de Alicante offers services in the field of water and environmental sustainability to accompany municipalities in the ecological transition. An example of a solution based on nature itself is the La Marjal Park, a highly innovative work of sustainable urban engineering that combines conventional engineering with a nature-based solution, creating a space for citizen enjoyment and a boosting point for biodiversity within the city.

Capable of collecting 45 million liters of rainwater, it thus mitigates the problems of flooding in the urban environment, also fulfilling an outstanding social function as a municipal park, with a total area of ​​36,700m2 for citizen recreation.

The park is a true “green lung” for Alicante, which has among its recognitions having been selected among the 101 business examples of #PorElClima actions by ECODES, in addition to having helped the city of Alicante to obtain the award in 2018 “Sustainable City” from Ecomed-Forum Ambiental, in the integral water cycle category, for its sustainable management.

At the forefront of virus detection

The situation experienced with the covid-19 pandemic has valued the company’s commitment to innovation over time. An example of this is the provision of the tool to town councils “COVID-19 City Sentinel” since the beginning of the health crisis, with more than 400,000 people under epidemiological surveillance actually. Thanks to the monitoring of the wastewater collected and analyzed in the laboratory, the local authorities have disposed of the data automatically and through a digital platform.

City Sentinel has thus enabled a anticipation in decision making, with a visualization by the public manager of a dynamic map of its municipality and the sectorization by areas of influence that facilitates tracing the origin of SARS-CoV-2.

The future of water management

The great challenges facing today’s society, such as the fight against the climate emergency or the current health crisis, are easier to overcome with the support of technology and digital tools. Data management and interpretation (big data), smart measurements (smart metering) or the application of artificial intelligence models are instruments that Alicante waters in its commitment to digitization, allowing it to completely transform the urban management of the water cycle. In 1996, Aguas de Alicante was already a pioneer in the use of first Hydraulic Modeling software in Spain fully integrated into a Geographic Information System, digitization that it has continued to implement over the last 25 years, with the integration of digital solutions around the integral water cycle processes, which is crucial for the correct management and care of the valuable and scarce resource that the company manages every day.

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