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Acts begin in Scotland to give the last goodbye to Elizabeth II

This Sunday the official acts start to say goodbye to the queen Isabel IIwho died last Thursday at Balmoral Castle at the age of 96, which will conclude on September 19 at 11 a.m. local time with the state funeral in London’s abbey westminster. Some acts that the authorities anticipate massive, so they recommend avoiding the affected areas to all those who do not wish to participate. The main streets of Edinburgh have been closed to traffic for several days and some roads along which the procession will circulate will also be affected.

“This is an event on an unprecedented scale. Not even the recent COP26 that took place in Glasgow cannot compare to the preparation and planning that this operation has required,” said the operations manager of the Scottish Traffic Department on Saturday. Stein Connelly.

The celebrations will begin at 10 am with the departure of the royal procession from Balmoral, where the body of the monarch has remained since Thursday. The entourage will make a slow journey to the holyrood palace of Edinburghthe official residence of the royal family in Scotland, passing through other towns such as Aberdeen, dundee Y Perth. A route of 283 kilometers that is expected to last some six hours.

At Holyrood, the coffin will remain in the throne room until Monday afternoon, when it will be carried in a procession of just over a kilometer to the Saint Giles Cathedral along the Royal Mile, one of the main arteries of the city. In this temple will be located the first burning chapel of Isabel II, a wake of 24 uninterrupted hours. Through it all citizens who want to give the last goodbye to the monarch who remained 70 years on the throne.

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Procession and religious service

On the same Monday, Carlos III will fly to Edinburgh with Camila, the queen consort, on his first trip as king, after being proclaimed this Saturday in a ceremony at the Saint James Palace in London. Carlos, Camila and other members of the royal family will participate in the procession to the cathedral. Following an audience with Scotland’s chief minister, Nicola Sturgeon, and an act in Parliament, the new king will return to Saint Giles in the evening for a church service.

The queen’s coffin will be covered with the royal standard, which in Scotland varies with respect to the rest of the nations of the United Kingdom to give preference to the quadrant with the rampant lion that represents this territory. Once in London, the crown of the Imperial State, the orb and the scepter will be placed on the coffin.

On Tuesday, once the funeral chapel is finished in Edinburgh Cathedral, the coffin of Elizabeth II will be transferred to the airport, from where it will travel by plane to the Northolt base of the Royal Air Force, in west London, and from there he will be taken to the palace of buckingham. The queen’s only daughter, Princess Anne, will accompany her mother’s body on this journey from the Scottish capital.

funeral in westminster

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On Wednesday, September 14, the coffin will be carried in another procession of about 40 minutes from the royal palace to westminster hall, where it will remain on top of the catafalque and guarded by four royal guards until Monday 19, so that citizens can pay their respects to the deceased monarch. During the four days of the funeral chapel, members of the royal family will take turns watching over the queen, following a tradition known as the “princes vigil“.

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On Monday the 19th, which has been declared National holiday, the royal coffin will be transferred to Westminster Abbey to celebrate the state funeral. In this abbey the British kings and queens are crowned, and in it Elizabeth II married Philip of Edinburgh in 1947.

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