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Acts for Constitution Day, live





The Congress of Deputies commemorates this Sunday the Day of the constitution with the traditional institutional act, which on this 42nd anniversary will be held on the street, in the Carrera de San Jerónimo, with the presence of representatives of the high institutions of the State but, due to the coronavirus epidemic, with a reduced number of guests, among whom will be, for the same reason, representatives of health professionals.

As reported by Congress, its president, Meritxell Batet, will deliver a speech on the steps of the Puerta de los Leones, accompanied by the President of the Government, Pedro Sanchez; the president of the Senate, Pilar Llop; the Bureau and the parliamentary spokespersons of both chambers, members of the Government and the presidents of the Constitutional Court, Juan José González Rivas, and the General Council of the Judiciary, Charles Lesmes.

Representatives of other institutions are invited to the event, such as the Ombudsman, the Court of Accounts, the State Attorney General’s Office and the Council of State; the presidents of the autonomous communities and cities and the mayor of Madrid; the president of the majority opposition party, Pablo Casado; deputies and senators; former presidents of the Government and of Congress and the Senate, and living constitutional speakers.

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The president of the Canary Islands opens up to a constitutional reform

The President of the Canary Islands, Angel Victor Torres, opens to a reform of the Constitution, but defends “coexistence, democracy and freedom” that the constituent fathers brought 42 years ago. “The fathers of the Constitution and the subsequent referendum made us have a Magna Carta as a project for the country,” claims the socialist leader. Informs Juan Casillas.

11.25Concentration against Vox in Barcelona (Jesús Hierro)Concentration against Vox in Barcelona (Jesús Hierro)Santiago AbascalIgnacio Garriga“Pim, pam, pum, let there be none left”Jesus Iron
11.10The first secretary of the Bureau of Congress, Gerardo Pisarello, affirms that he attends the ceremony for the anniversary of the Constitution with “clear republican convictions.” “For us to have a Judicial Power that is not affected by the parties, it is not necessary to touch the Constitution,” says the deputy of En Comú Podem, despite the controversial reform of the PSOE and United We Can to reduce the majorities necessary to renew the General Council of the Judiciary. He warns that “no operation of rusty sabers” – in reference to the chat of retired soldiers – is going to stop the defense of the public, and demands equality before the law, “also of the Monarchy. Informs Juan Casillas.
11.05Aitor Esteban, the PNV spokesman in Congress, has demanded that the King “say what he thinks” about the letters he has received in recent days from ex-military men. This Saturday the last letter addressed to Felipe VI transcended, in which high command of the Army warned him that the unit of Spain “is in danger.” “The first job that the recipient of these letters should do is to give a full answer, because their silence can be misinterpreted,” said the nationalist leader from Sabin Etxea, headquarters of the PNV in Bilbao. Informs Adrian Mateos.
11.00The steps of the Puerta de los Leones, ready for the event (Mariano Calleja)The steps of the Puerta de los Leones, ready for the event (Mariano Calleja)

For the first time on the street

The act, which was traditionally held inside the Congress of Deputies, has been moved abroad this year. On the steps of the Puerta de los Leones, the president of the Lower House, Meritxell Batet, will deliver a speech. The presidents of the Government, the Senate, the Constitutional Court and the General Council of the Judiciary will be present, among others.

10.53Good Morning. This December 6 marks 42 years since the approval in a referendum of the 1978 Constitution and, despite the situation caused by the health crisis, the Congress of Deputies celebrates it with a brief act that can be followed live with ABC.

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