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Adamari López exclusively confirms that she separated from Toni Costa: “I can only ask for your prayers”

Adamari López.

Photo: Hoy Día / Telemundo

The difficult news with which we open this Thursday, exclusively Adamari López confirms that she separated from Toni Costa: “I can only ask for your prayers”.

After weeks of suspicious situations between them, at least publicly, exclusively Adamari Lopez break the silence, and confirm the sad news: “I have made up my mind to separate myself from Toni”.

Clara, with the truth ahead, even in the most difficult moments, dear Adamari faces the painful situation that she lives with whoever was her partner for the last 10 years, and also the father of her only daughter, the light of the eyes of both , Alaïa.

“First of all, I very much respect your understanding and professionalism when approaching me about this situation. In effect, I have made up my mind to part ways with Toni and re-evaluate our relationship.. I know it’s hard to take in but from the hand of God whatever is for good will prevail“, She begins by saying the text that she wrote herself, and that she sent me after several days of insistence to know what was happening.

How does rumor and doubt arise? Although I have known for a while has been hearing of a supposed crisis between Adamari and Toni, both, without denying it, have left to respond with facts that they were still a happy couple.

Adamari Lopez
Adamari López, Toni Costa and Alaïa are Christmas lovers.

However, everything would have changed around Adamari’s 50th birthday. She had set out to get healthier and in her best possible physical condition; he will give you the best of all the surprises he has ever given you.

She began to eat a more rigorous diet with the WW program of which she is an ambassador and daily exercise, although in ‘Gossip No Like’ they say that bariatric surgery could have been done. He will prepare a super surprise birthday for her in the Dominican Republic, all friends and family would be his accomplices.

But something happened, the crisis between them, which would not have to do with third parties, but with an alleged wear and tear in the relationship, caused the party to be canceled, that many of the guests, who had already bought tickets and accommodation, traveled without Adamari, and that the presenter of ‘Hoy Día’ She will only accept the party that her friend, Karla Monroig, made at her house.

That is why, For the first time since they are together, we did not see Toni in either of their two meetings, nor did we see the gifts he gave her, and neither Adamari thanking him or even giving him a ‘like’, the tribute that his now ex paid him on social networks the day he turned 50.

Moreover, for the first time, in ‘Hoy Día’ the birthday message was only given by Alaïa, making Ton’s absence even more suspiciousi on such an important day where your good wishes are never lacking.

How far does the separation go? Until a very thoughtful and taken decision, at least on Adamari’s side. Although Toni continues to support her and make it very clear, at least in networks, how much he loves her, he no longer lives in the house they shared until a month ago.

As far as we learned, They have been doing couples therapy for a while, and they would still be visiting the specialist, although we do not know for sure, at this point, if it is to seek a reconciliation or the healthiest way to end the relationship.

What about Alaïa? Although Adamari did not confirm it to us, we were able to know that the girl was the first to be informed of this situation, especially since their daddy no longer lives with them, although he is very present in their life. Every morning Toni stops by to take her to school and accompanies her to most of the activities.

Adamari Lopez
Adamari López. Photo: Today Day

The little girl, who until then was used to living in a family of great union and full of love, At 6 he had to begin to understand that, although he will always have the unconditional love of his parents, the love between them was transformed into a different one, at least from Adamari.

“Now, the most important thing is continue to focus on my health and the well-being of my princess Alaïa. I can only ask for your prayers and the same affection that you have always given me“, Concludes the message that Adamari sent me.

So far, and as a true gentleman, Toni has not expressed herself, respecting that Adamari was the first to break the news publicly through us. In the same way, and after this article is published, López will share the difficult and delicate situation with his audience of ‘Hoy Día’, Telemundo’s morning show, which he hosts with Chiquibaby, Nacho Lozano, Nicole Suárez, Arantxa Loizaga and Chef Alfredo Oropez.

How will everything continue once it is made public? Only time and, perhaps they will know … For now, it remains to wait how Toni will react to this confirmation, since apparently his greatest wish is to win back Adamari and return to the house to be the family they were until a few weeks ago.

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