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Adamari López on the verge of tears for his break with Luis Fonsi and not for Toni Costa

Adamari López confessed to Rebecca Smith He talked about the hard process of losing weight, about how hard it was for him to see himself as now. How it affected him to read people’s comments and he could not understand why doing everything he could not lose weight. He admits that she didn’t like the way he looked either. That the image she had before turning 50 was not what she would have liked to have at that time.

In that interview remembering her past with Luis Fonsi, how her marriage fell apart, obviously filled her with pain. She said that the two strongest pains in her life had been her divorce and wanting to be a mother, fighting for this and not succeeding.

In that interview, she cried when she remembered the birth of her daughter, how the fact that she was born at the same time that she used to talk with her father, who had died during the 34th week of her gestation period. That happiness, he assured, is marked and it is a moment that he will never forget. She admitted that she would love to be a mom again. Adamari wants to have another baby, she made it clear in this conversation with Rebecca Smith for Hoy Día.

She was also blunt in admitting that she doesn’t feel like a 50-year-old woman. In that interview he announced that from the age of 50 in his life there would be many beginnings, “in many ways,” he said. It must be emphasized that this conversation was generated before she announced her separation with Toni Costa and by this time, rumors say that there were already problems between them, that they were already separated. And this was a truth that by then he did not want to reveal to the whole world.

This talk for “Sin Filtros” has also generated many opinions. Some, seeing her, have made publications like this one where they say: “Adamari López in controversy by showing herself on the verge of tears for her break with Luis Fonsi and not for Toni Costa.” And as if that were not enough, they emphasize that Adamari stressed that one of the greatest pains of his life was his break with Fonsi. “The two most difficult moments I think have been the divorce and that frustration for wanting to be a mother and that it did not come.” There, at that moment for that statement Adamari, they say, was no longer with Toni.

This is why many believe that one of the big reasons why her relationship with Toni didn’t work out was because she never got over her past with Fonsi. And faced with this, many say: “get over it.”

“It’s not for nothing I know that Luis Fonsi hurt you a lot but get over it”, “My God, when that woman is going to surpass Luís Fonsi, she gets tired”, “At 10 years old and she still talks about someone who didn’t love her . How ridiculous, I only know that she is not like you want to sell on camera ”.

Adamari López does not lose her smile, in the midst of so much drama due to her separation with Toni Costa

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