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Adamari López: The guru of Chiquibaby and Rebeka Smyth’s pregnancies

Adamari López, Rebeka Smyth and Chiquibaby.

Photo: Hoy Día / Telemundo

Her battle to be a mother made her a teacher … Adamari Lopez is the pregnancy guru of Chiquibaby and now Rebeka Smyth, who managed to get pregnant thanks to the advice of the Puerto Rican actress.

This is how the Mexican journalist confessed when she announced that she, like Chiquibaby, was also expecting a baby, After trying for a year without success … How did you do it? With Adamari’s advice!

When I met Ada, I told her that we wanted to get pregnant, that we were looking for“, Began by explaining Rebeka, who is already 4 months pregnant, and still cannot believe that this has been possible.

She told me: ‘do this, this and this’… It’s like the godmother of pregnancies “said Smyth, while Chiquibaby confirmed that not only had he done it with the collaborator of ‘Today’but with her as well.

It is that Adamari, who struggled a lot to be able to get pregnant with Alaïa, has not only become the ‘godmother of pregnancies’ for her colleagues and friends, but also from other women who work in the chain, and seek her for advice, something that López never refuses to share.

Let’s remember that a few months ago, Chiquibaby told us exclusively what Adamari meant at this stage of her pregnancy: “She is a woman that we know has been through so much, She is a warrior and she has always been very transparent, and I, from the moment I was thinking about doing this process, if there was someone I turned to, it was her, and he was always very honest about what he had lived, and I went out of his hand on the way … She has been an ally of mine this year, and has helped me so much, and I am grateful because she has been like a sisterDespite since we have not known each other for years and years, he has that charisma and that big heart ”.

Adamari also had words for both of them at this very special stage of their lives, something that she wanted so much at the time and that she still dreams of repeating again … “They are in the best stage of their lives, they have to enjoy it, and it is good that they share it with the public that sends them all the good energy, just like us, Rebbe, we love you very much ”.

Now, Rebeka complained to both, that they had not shared with her how strong and difficult the adverse symptoms of being pregnant are, especially the first months that are usually the most difficult.

They did not tell me that the nausea was so strong, the pressure drop, but anything goes, anything goes“Said the Mexican journalist, who also said that Chiquibaby is like her mirror of how she will look in a few months, and even asked her for advice to wear heels with so much class, as she assures that she is only 4 months old, he just barely uses them, but annoys them.


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