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Adamari López would have kept her mouth shut to those who say she had surgery on her stomach

Adamari López could have kept the mouths of those who say that she had surgery on her stomach.

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Since Today’s “La Chaparrita” began to show off her new figure and be seen, impressively, slimmer, the rumors that Adamari López would have operated on her stomach thus doing a bariatric surgery. Therefore, the star of Telemundo, who is not to generate controversy, published a video on his Instagram account what could have shut his mouth to those who assert that diet and exercise cannot achieve the figure that Adamari currently has.

The Puerto Rican shared with all her fans and followers a video where she appears “giving everything for everything” doing weights, functional exercises and lifting a lot of weight. The latter makes body fat burn effectively. This is how Adamari’s own personal trainer has explained it on some occasions. This is undoubtedly a very indirect way of responding to those who have pointed to the television presenter of having undergone surgery and have shrunk stomach.

These same who accuse her, are not only the hosts of one of the most popular show business today, “Gossip No Like” and their hosts. Elisa Beristein and Javier Ceriani, but several of the users of social networks. Journalists say “La Chaparrita” was operated because he needed to fulfill a contract that he signed with the WW organization, headed by Oprah Winfrey, where Adamari agrees to be an ambassador for the program to help many lead healthier lives. However, as Ceriani and Beristein explain, the Puerto Rican was unable to lose weight and had to resort to an extreme measure or the millions of dollars that they allegedly would have paid her would come into play.

This sowed the seeds of doubt in a few who have let it be known on social networks: “How good that the surgery worked“, “Very cute! Surgery was done to lower it ”,“ With the gastric sleeve surgery ”,“ Where is a bariatric surgery done? ”,“ She got lipo ”and“ Very good surgeon ”, the most incredulous comment.

The others preferred to give him the benefit of doubting: “Has anything really been done?”, “With or without operation it looks like never before, congratulations …”, you could read from this group. And the loyal fans of the spoiled from Telemundo, which are not few but quite the opposite, they did run amok in flowers for “La Chaparrita”: “How should you reach 50”, “Wow without words, pride for all of us”, “And what an operation, close the peak, dedication and nothing else ”,“ There you have your surgery with weights and sweat ”,“ I congratulate her every day, she is very special, beautiful clothes, wonderful body, etc, etc ”and“ She, as she is, is wonderful, so with she don’t mess with it ”.

There is no doubt that Adamari López has made a 180-degree change and whether or not she was operated on, as we would have to wait to see if she is explicitly revealed. Meanwhile, we could indirectly believe that it has already done so and this effort speaks for itself.

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