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Adán Augusto López Hernández: The referee’s photo

The head of Government of Mexico City, Claudia Sheinbaum, the Secretary of the Interior, Adán Augusto López, and the coordinator of Morena in the Senate, Ricardo Monreal, this Tuesday.
The head of Government of Mexico City, Claudia Sheinbaum, the Secretary of the Interior, Adán Augusto López, and the coordinator of Morena in the Senate, Ricardo Monreal, this Tuesday.RRSS

There are casualties and there are professionals. Adán Augusto López Hernández belongs to the second. The photo that was taken with Claudia Sheinbaum and Ricardo Monreal in Bucareli this Monday erases three years of simulation in Bucareli. That, and no other, is the important reading of the meeting between two candidates to succeed López Obrador and the Secretary of the Interior.

The former governor of Tabasco has taken a short month in the chair of Reyes Heroles and Jorge Carpizo to dispatch with arbitration authority in the succession that will govern, at all times, his brother President.

Of how many photos have been taken in these weeks, there was one that already announced the role of López Hernández. It was on the night of the scream at the National Palace. On a balcony appear, at one end, Claudia Sheinbaum and a couple, and at the opposite, Marcelo Ebrard and the lady. And in the middle the secretary Adán Augusto with his wife.

By standing between the two, the Tabasco newcomer to the capital not only saves those bottle caps on the balcony from uncomfortable silences or forced conversations, it also reminds them that uncovering has times and ways, and customs in the form of presidential advisers that they will have. the ear of the great elector. Because this secretary is not painted.

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Now a new image emerges. Adán Augusto in the middle of Claudia and Ricardo. She to the right of the secretary, in the secretary’s chair. Ricardo to the sinister. Photograph on the table, with papers and a telephone. Those pending from the Government, and present those that take time away from the Government.

Because these are rare times, they would say. Things are seen as normal that in another time so many – these to begin with – unnerved.

There is, for example, the governor of Sonora. Alfonso Durazo dons a color vest from his party for official events. In those yesterdays so distant today, the Mexican left would have noisily deplored that the rulers disguised themselves as PRIs for official acts. But today, painting yourself with cherry during working hours is back to the basics, Sheinbaum would say.

And then the same can be said about grilling in Bucareli on working Monday. Nor who cares that if they want futurear, at least these three should leave official premises, look for non-working hours. Instead, they set fire to the succession’s TikTok with smiles to open the week with what one understands – yes, thanks for the confirmation – that it is their priority: taking care of their aspirations, governing their possibilities. The job that citizens pay them for? That can wait.

Discounting the above, Adán Augusto meets the president. The meeting is held, the photo is published, messages are sent, the commentary is boiling. The old PRI would be proud of these two cubs: they discipline the president, even if neither is his dependent. Because Claudia and Ricardo have specific commitments with the voters, but they prefer to go out of their way for Andrés Manuel.

With the photo they kill the message to the senator who wanted to get up early. Just on Sunday he was declaring in San Luis Potosí that state that will be in the worst possible hands, and that is saying a lot right now in Mexico — that it was at its best. I am in my prime to succeed López Obrador, Monreal had him published. No, you are in a team, they answer him with the Bucareli meeting. The Zacatecan is quick to obey: take the photo now, after obeying so much to see later how I remove this smile, it didn’t hurt.

For his part, who knows what Claudia lost in Bucareli. They have to discipline Monreal, it is understood. But with her it is not going to turn out that so much pampering and deference are what ends up burying the head of government. So sung as a favorite that it can end up being considered as someone too subdued. Even the little cafe they arm her to make peace with the one whom she defeated in 2018, with the one who defeated her in Cuauhtémoc in 2021. A little – or a lot – of independence would not hurt the doctor, especially in front of in the eyes of voters who don’t like the second parts because, you know, they are almost always bad copies of the first. And after 2024 the oven won’t be up for a bad six-year copy.

For this reason, the only one who looks good in the photo is Adán Augusto. He completes a month in Mexico City without surprises and even ironing premature inheritance lawsuits.

The newcomer to the cabinet is making the prognosis good. Without rudeness, he shows the ability to put out fires and avoid friction. Control the damages, not the aspirations. Until now, the antithesis of López Obrador.

Could it be that López Obrador is creating his heir for the movement? For now, let’s not lose focus.

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