Tuesday, January 25

Adapted recycling bins with Braille indications for people with disabilities in Alicante

The president of Cocemfe, Antonio Ruescas and Sofía González, Head of Social Services for Members of the Once, have checked the new devices to deposit waste from wheelchairs and accessible doors on the covers, as well as the Braille indications. Ruescas stressed that “with this performance we are going to people with reduced mobility and the elderly are much more autonomous Y do not have to depend on third parties to do an activity as basic as go down to throw away the plastic or garbage. We are already contributing improvements to these models and in the next tenders for the new garbage and other waste containers. The height of the containers or the presence of pedals are a barrier and we are trying to explain and contribute our bit to achieve greater accessibility of these devices that give autonomy and independent life to people with reduced mobility ”.

The mayor, for his part, explained that “we are testing and experimenting new container models, in this case the yellow of light packaging, with people with reduced mobility and visual limitation. We are going to distribute a hundred of these devices that have a window at a lower level and with accessible easy-open doors on the deck. And also the incorporation of Braille language for people with reduced vision in each device ”. “We are also looking at how to improve the design that we have presented today with them because in the end it is important to make things easy to improve cleaning and waste collection by adapting new types of containers and favoring sustainability, which is one of the objectives of all this action ”, added the mayor.

Villar added that “this type of device, which refers us Ecoembes By virtue of an agreement signed with the City Council, they have a mouth for the deposit of waste from selective collection at a lower level accessible to a person in a wheelchair or with mobility problems, such as the elderly, which facilitates the maneuver to place the waste inside. We are going to make a determined commitment to accessibility in the selective collection of waste, so that the devices can be used by the entire population with ease and thus contribute to promoting the separation of waste at source, that is, in homes, in order to reach the objectives set out in the Alicante Waste Plan, which pursues increase selective collection by more than 80% and the treatment of waste to promote recovery and reuse and minimize their deposit in the landfill ”.

The Alicante Waste Plan, approved this week definitively, foresees the deployment of 3,689 new containers of the different fractions (yellow, blue, green and brown), in addition to promote the collection of other waste such as used clothing or household oil, among others, to increase selective collection and, in this way, reduce the number of gray containers.

New containers

The Municipal Street Cleaning and Waste Management Service has sent the department of Hiring the sheets for him start of the procedure for the purchase of more than 2,000 containers, mainly for organic waste, with a investment that exceeds 2,100,000 euros, with the aim that they can begin to be deployed at the end of this year or the beginning of next. “These containers will incorporate new technologies, through the use of smart cards or mobile applications, in addition to being all adapted and inclusive in order to facilitate their accessibility and use for people with disabilities and reduced mobility,” explained Villar.

“Precisely, we have made a commitment with the representatives of Cocemfe and and of the ONCE to come to test the viability of the samples of the new containers that are going to be incorporated in order to advance in their accessibility with the latest techniques and technologies in its manufacture, in addition to the use of Braille language, as we have already done in the last thousand containers deployed in the city ”, added the person in charge of the Environment.


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