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Adding spirulina to your morning juices and smoothies is the best-kept secret for weight loss

Spirulina is an extraordinary source of protein of plant origin, which provides great satiety and increases muscle mass.

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Natural remedies are the order of the day, based on this, all kinds of allies have come to light to improve health, prevent diseases and of course accelerate weight loss. Best of all, there are alternatives that make it very easy to integrate them into our daily routine, such is the case of spirulina powder that has positioned itself as a great addition to juices and slimming shakes. Spirulina is a type of bluish-green algae that is usually consumed in the form of a dietary supplement and is considered one of the most valued superfoods due to its exceptional nutritional composition, its health benefits and qualities to accelerate weight loss.

The truth is that spirulina is a natural product that is worth talking about, it stands out for its high content of proteins, vitamins and minerals, which is why it has positioned itself as one of the best dietary supplements in people who follow vegetarian plans. and vegans. There are scientific studies that support their antioxidant and anti-inflammatory propertiesTherefore, its consumption benefits health at all levels. Above all, it is related to a great capacity to boost the immune system. However, it is well known that one of its qualities that most attracts attention is its ability to accelerate weight loss.

How does spirulina benefit weight loss?

The first thing to mention is that spirulina is very rich in essential nutrients, which positively intervene in weight loss. Nutrition experts recommend starting the day with a green juice or smoothie that contains a tablespoon of powdered spirulina (7 grams), which provides the following properties:

– 20 calories

4.02 g of protein

1.67 g of carbohydrates

– 0.54 g of fat

– 8 milligrams (mg) of calcium

– 2 mg of iron

– 14 mg of magnesium

– 8 mg of phosphorus

– 95 mg of potassium

– 73 mg sodium

– 0.7 mg of vitamin C

As if that were not enough, spirulina is considered a complex nutritional formula that provides in smaller quantities other essential nutrients: thiamine, riboflavin, niacin, folic acid and vitamins B-6, A and K. Spirulina is a food high in nutrients and low in calories, so in a small amount of powder dissolved in our favorite morning drinks we will be solving many nutritional needs.

On its benefits to stimulate weight loss there is a trial that demonstrates its slimming properties, the study was carried out in people with overweight who consumed spirulina daily for a period of three months. At the end, the participants showed a lower body mass index. Also the daily intake of spirulina is related to great benefits for digestive and intestinal health, in principle it is a very easy to digest supplement thanks to its cellular structure that does not have hard or fibrous walls. There is a study in which its benefits were proven to improve intestinal health, especially as people age. The researchers found that its composition helps preserve the healthy gut bacteria during the aging process. The recommendation is to complement your intake with healthy foods for the intestine such as products rich in fiber and probioticsSince spirulina naturally does not contain much fiber.

Another of the great benefits over the daily consumption of spirulina is that thanks to its high content of high quality nutrients it is a magnificent appetite suppressant. Regular consumption of poor quality food has been shown to trigger the brain in an effort to find the nutrients it requires to function well. The spirulina increases the concentration of nutrients in the body, therefore it can reduce hunger, cravings and is of great help to avoid overeating.

Spirulina shines for its protein content, which play a fundamental role in weight loss. Therefore, it is the perfect natural supplement to increase muscle mass and this helps to burn more calories during the day, its consumption improves sports performance and fills us with energy. It is important to mention that spirulina is made up of up to 70% protein and contains 8 essential amino acids. In fact, the digestive absorption of the protein in spirulina, which is four times that of beef. It is also very low in calories compared to other sources of protein (especially those of animal origin): la espirulina provides only 3.9 calories for every gram of protein, compared to beef, which provides 65 calories for every gram of protein.

Last but not least, spirulina is a extraordinary source of Omega-3 fatty acids. Which are related to great health properties, among which are its qualities to accelerate metabolism, regulate blood sugar and control insulin levels. Which in turn minimizes carbohydrate binges and benefits weight loss.

Now you know, integrating spirulina in your morning drinks is a great alternative to increase the consumption of essential vitamins and minerals, to lose weight more effectively. It also acts as a great agent detoxifying and alkalizing for the body. Best of all, it is a good option for Get a green smoothie without adding a handful of kale or spinach. It is the perfect natural supplement to strengthen your health and weight loss goals, without health risks and with many additional therapeutic benefits.

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