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Adeje becomes a Smart Tourist Destination

10 beaches in Adeje will have interactive information points and intelligent management systems to find out about the influx of tourists and citizens, water consumption in showers or noise levels.

The municipality will become a Smart Tourist Destination thanks to T-Systems, to deploy its AERO-PULSE city platform on which 14 components of the project will be developed.

“It is about investing so that the new digital and technological tools that we have available improve our tourist destination and the attention to visitors, but above all it is about improving people’s lives, being more efficient and effective and doing everything that it is in our power to reduce the carbon footprint and emissions, and this project goes along those lines”, explains José Miguel Rodríguez Fraga, Mayor of Adeje.

This is the project

This is a project initially endowed with €5,639,506.11, beneficiary of the ‘Intelligent Tourist Destinations’ call, with co-financing from the ERDF through the Pluriregional Operational Program of Spain (POPE).

Specifically, the beaches included in the study are: Troya I, Troya II, Playa del Bobo, La Pinta, Torviscas, Fañabé, Playa del Duque Norte and Duque Sur, La Enramada and Ajabo.

Adeje, Smart Tourist Destination

This project will facilitate the dimensioning of the services available to local citizens and tourists throughout the year by facilitating the monitoring of influx in the beach area thanks to a camera system with different counting strategies.

In addition, data will also be collected on water consumption in the showers or noise levels, among other data that the Adeje City Council will be able to consult through a ‘Smart Beach’ management dashboard. Together with these systems, local citizens and tourists will also have interactive information points available.

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The municipality of Adeje is transformed into a Smart Tourist Destination

Along with the smart management of the coast, the project includes other smart management initiatives for the municipality, among which we can highlight:

  • Smart lighting: 235 lighting management elements will be installed throughout Adeje to collect data on lighting and electricity consumption and to be able to remotely manage the luminaires.
  • Smart irrigation and weather solution: Adeje will be able to monitor and optimize the water consumption of 8 parks where meteorological stations will also be installed to know the climatic conditions of the area.
  • Smart waste management: optimization of waste collection tasks thanks to the monitoring of 16 collection trucks and more than 600 containers of different fractions.
  • Tourist Wi-Fi network: deployment of 67 free Wi-Fi access points that will provide residents and tourists with access to the online services offered by the City Council.
  • Smart parking system: that will facilitate guiding drivers to 7 public car parks that will be monitored square by square (approximately 1,360 spaces).
  • Energy efficiency of buildings: It will allow improving the energy efficiency of 37 public buildings, through the monitoring of electricity consumption, temperature and environmental parameters.

App Smart Adeje

The project is completed by the Smart Adeje mobile application, fully configurable according to the user’s preferences, which will include information on the tourist assets of Adeje, on mobility and transport services or on smart parking.

This app is complemented by a notification service for users based on their location, enabled by the installation of more than 200 Bluetooth beacons throughout the municipality.

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