Saturday, October 16

AEGC exposes to the PP the deficiencies of the Civil Guard barracks in the province

Image of the ceiling in the Jacarilla barracks.

The provincial delegate of the Spanish Association of Civil Guards (AEGC) in Alicante, Alonso Carrasco, has held an informative meeting with the national deputies of the PP for Alicante, Cesar Sánchez, Macarena Montesinos and Agustín Almodóvar, to inform them of the state of the Civil Guard barracks in Alicante and the needs of the personnel in relation to mobile and defense material. The AEGC delegate has also sent the deputies an exhaustive report on these needs, of which the Civil Guard has been aware for years through the association.

Among the deficiencies exposed to the PP deputies, the AEGC points out “structural and humidity problems such as that of Jacarilla, where part of its ceiling has fallen into a room, or the Sant Joan Post, whose upper floor is also in terrible condition. “Another of the barracks that also worries about its condition is that of Villena,” for which we have years demanding the installation of a central heating system. “AEGC has also insisted to the popular deputies on the need to start the construction works of the new El Campello, Finestrat and Gata de Gorgos.

Another issue that has been raised by AEGC to the popular deputies is the lack of surveillance cameras that AEGC has been demanding for years for all Ordinary Posts and that continue to be installed. The association does not understand that “these positions that remain more hours a day without any type of physical surveillance, because they only have morning hours, are precisely those that are most defenseless.” They also affirm that entry barriers are needed “such as the one that has just been placed in the Alicante Command on the occasion of the visit of the general director”.

Likewise, AEGC has once again emphasized that roofs should be built in barracks that lack garages for official vehicles. “These roofs are a saving for the coffers of the Civil Guard since a small investment prevents the cars from suffering the consequences of being out in the open, such as reducing the life of the batteries. It has already happened that a patrol tries go out with the patrol and it does not start because the battery has been damaged by the cold, “says AEGC in a statement. AEGC has already brought this proposal to the Council and it was well received but the roofs still need to be built.

One of the solutions that AEGC has proposed to the OO deputies to prevent the positions from continuing to deteriorate is that “from the municipal councils that govern, seek, if possible, the signing of an agreement with the Command so that the consistories take charge of the maintenance of the barracks, because as you have to wait for the budget of the General Directorate, half of the posts will end for the demolition. ”

As for the material, the fact that in the midst of a pandemic the civil guards “we still do not have personal bulletproof vests having to share the few that exist, with the consequent risk to our health, has been re-emphasized.” In relation to self-protection, the AEGC representative “has shown his amazement at the equipment of some local police officers in the province who already have Tasser pistols, while the Civil Guard is still in the process of study.”

Regarding the AEGC vehicles, it has returned to transfer “the pressing need for new vehicles and the poor condition of many, as well as their excessive mileage and age in general. In Torrevieja there are vehicles without going any further with more than 25 years old”.

Regarding the ROCA and USECIA teams, the association points out that it is necessary that they be provided with their own personnel and their own material and “that they not be removed from the posts because what is achieved with this is to leave the citizen security of the municipalities without personnel.”

Finally, the AEGC has reminded the PP deputies that the application of the Military Penal Code in the Civil Guard continues to lead to the entry into prison of civil guards, something they believe “inadmissible in the XXI century.” In addition, “they have been asked that, since a reform of the Penal Code is being studied, take advantage of it to change the consideration of the figure of agent of the authority of the civil guards and police officers and consider us an authority since, as we have been denouncing, with the consideration of agents, the aggressions we suffer always go unpunished. ”

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