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Aemet: Extremadura towns where it has rained the most since this Sunday

Extremadura opens spring with a new storm that will leave rain and wind at least until Thursday

Tania Agundez

A new storm has been sweeping the peninsula since Sunday, leaving significant amounts of water in the region. The rain returned yesterday, forcing Extremadurans to take their umbrellas and raincoats out of their closets again. And according to the forecast of the State Meteorological Agency (Aemet), everything indicates that they will have to be at hand for several days since the situation is expected to continue like this at least until Thursday.

This is much needed water for the region after a dry winter. The rains that fell this Sunday have been very significant and widespread, leaving important records both in Cáceres and in Badajoz, where they tend to be less generous. More than 15 liters per square meter have accumulated throughout the western half of the region.

According to the data provided by the Aemet, from yesterday Sunday until Monday morning the town that has collected the most water has been Monesterio, in Badajoz, where 47.2 liters per square meter have been registered. Piornal follows, with 46 litres; Zafra, with 33.6; La Olla Gorge, with 31.8; Hervas, 31.6; Serradilla, with 29.4; Villafranca de los Barros, with 28.6; Valverde del Fresno, 28.4; Plasencia, 27.2; Merida, 25.4; Coria, 25.2; Canaveral, 23.6; Montehermoso, 23.4; Puebla de Obando, 23.2; Singing Fountain, 23; Alcuescar, 22.4; Fregenal de la Sierra, 22; Holes, 21.8; and Badajoz, 21.4.

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Spring has arrived in Extremadura accompanied by a new storm that will leave rain until at least next Thursday. In fact, the week will be marked by the presence of successive Atlantic storms.

The region will register this Monday skies covered with rains that may be persistent and be accompanied by a storm, according to the Aemet.

The minimum temperatures will rise slightly and the maximum will remain unchanged in the northern third of the region, while they will drop in the rest, ranging between 8 and 15 degrees in the province of Badajoz and 8 and 13 degrees in the province of Caceres.

In addition, there will be wind from the southeast, according to the State Meteorological Agency (Aemet).

The instability will continue for several days. Thus, on Tuesday the skies will continue to be covered in the region and the showers may be accompanied by storms. They may be persistent in the northeast of the Extremaduran community. The rains will continue on Wednesday and may be persistent in the western third and in the south. For this day, winds with strong gusts are expected in the province of Cáceres. The rains will last until at least Thursday, when strong gusts of wind are also expected in the northern third.

Although uncertainty increases for Friday, the Aemet sees it as likely that atmospheric instability will continue in the east and south of the peninsula, although the highest accumulations of water would occur in areas of the southeast.

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