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AFCON 2022 pool scenarios: How each national team can advance to the Round of 16

If you have watched international soccer tournaments, the last day of the group matches, with their simultaneous starts, can offer some unique entertainment. With Algeria, Ivory Coast, Ghana, Egypt, Tunisia and Senegal all playing for a place in the round of 16, the stakes will be high for the group stage finals at AFCON 2022.

Considering how things have played out so far in most AFCON groups, fans will need the multi-screen option and this handy scenario guide. SN has gone through all permutations.

Of course, tiebreaker rules will come into play if two or more teams finish level on points in the final group standings. One group (Group E) can have a three-way tie; other potential ties in the standings would only involve two teams. Here is the short list of tiebreakers when two teams are level on points, as stated in the official competition rules (Page 31):

  1. Most points earned in matches between the two teams;
  2. Goal difference in all group matches;
  3. Most goals scored in all group matches;
  4. Lot draw (ie random draw).

With that in mind, here are the scenarios for each group heading into the final day. The next few days at AFCON 2022 should be entertaining.

Group A scenarios

Team PTS GP W L D girlfriend Georgia GD
1. Cameroon-X 7 3 two one 7 3 +4
2. Burkina Faso-X 4 3 one one one 3 3
3. Cape Verde 4 3 one one one two two
4. Ethiopia-me one 3 two one two 6 -4

X = Qualified for round of 16 | me = Deleted

With two draws to close Group A on Monday, neither position changed.

Hosts Cameroon needed just one point from their last group match to clinch top spot and they did just that. The Indomitable Lions will have a full week before beginning their playoff adventure on January 24.

Burkina Faso will join them in the Round of 16 after finishing level on points with Cape Verde but winning the first tiebreaker (most points earned in inter-team matches) by virtue of their 1-0 win over the Cape Verdeans.

But with four points from the group stage, Cape Verde have a good chance of advancing as one of the top four teams in third place. You need to wait for all other groups to close before you find out.

Group B scenarios

Team PTS GP W L D girlfriend Georgia GD
1.Senegal 4 two one one one +1
2. guinea 4 two one one one +1
3. Malawi 3 two one one two two
4. Zimbabwe-me two two one 3 -two

X = Qualified for round of 16 | me = Deleted

Anything can still happen in Group B with the top three teams within a point of each other.

What is certain is that if Senegal and Guinea win their respective group finals, they will go through as No. 1 and No. 2. Another slip by Senegal would open the door for Guinea to win the group.

But Malawi can surprise everyone and win the group with a shock victory over Senegal along with a draw or loss to Guinea.

The last place, Zimbabwe, can only play spoiler at the moment. Even a win would only put them level with Malawi, but Zimbabwe would lose that head-to-head tiebreaker (Malawi win 2-1).

Group C scenarios

Team PTS GP W L D girlfriend Georgia GD
1. Morocco-X 6 two two 3 +3
2. Gabon 4 two one one two one +1
3.Ghana one two one one one two -one
4. Comoros two two 3 -3

X = Qualified to the round of 16 | me = Deleted

Date Coincide Time (ET) Television / Stream
Tuesday, January 18 Gabon vs Morocco 14:00 be in sports / fuboTV
Tuesday, January 18 Ghana vs Comoros 14:00 be IN XTRA / fuboTV

Morocco have fate in their hands as they take on second-placed Gabon knowing that a win or draw will secure them top spot in the group.

However, a Gabon victory would send the Gabonese as the better team and leave Morocco in second place. The second-place team will meet Burkina Faso on Sunday to open the AFCON Round of 16.

But Gabon could also drop to third place. If Ghana win their match by a wide enough margin and Gabon lose, that would leave Gabon and Ghana level on four points each. In that case, determining the group runner-up would come down to the second tiebreaker (overall goal difference) since the first tiebreaker (head-to-head group match) ended in a draw (1-1 draw).

Comoros, last classified, also continues to dream. They have to beat favorites Ghana and then hope results in other groups go their way to finish as one of the top four third teams.

Group D scenarios

Team PTS GP W L D girlfriend Georgia GD
1. Nigeria-X 6 two two 4 one +3
2. Egypt 3 two one one one one
3. Guinea-Bissau one two one one one -one
4. Sudan one two one one one 3 -two

X = Qualified for round of 16 | me = Deleted

Date Coincide Time (ET) Television and broadcast
Wednesday, January 19 Guinea-Bissau vs. Nigeria 14:00 be in sports / fuboTV
Wednesday, January 19 Egypt vs. Sudan 14:00 be IN XTRA / fuboTV

Nigeria is already ranked as the first team as they hold the tiebreaker (1-0 win over Egypt) should the Pharaohs manage to catch up with the Super Eagles in the standings on the final day.

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With Nigeria having nothing to play for, that could present an opportunity for Guinea-Bissau, who would normally never dream of a win against the favored Super Eagles. A four-point result for Guinea-Bissau would give them a chance to be one of the best teams in third place. And an incredible loss for Egypt to Sudan would see Guinea-Bissau finish victorious as group runners-up.

But if everything goes according to the script in the Egypt-Sudan match and Mohamed Salah & Co. leaves nothing to chance, then it should be Nigeria and Egypt that are the two best teams. Egypt holds the head-to-head tiebreaker (1-0 group win) against Guinea-Bissau if a combination of results leaves the two nations tied on four points.

Of course, if Sudan can somehow surprise the Egyptians, then they could at best end up in second place (with a loss or draw by Guinea-Bissau), or at worst in third place and hope that his four points are enough to enter the Round of 16. But no one has Sudan beating Egypt.

Group E scenarios

Team PTS GP W L D girlfriend Georgia GD
1. Ivory Coast 4 two one one 3 two +1
2. Equatorial Guinea 3 two one one one one
3. Sierra Leone two two two two two
4. Algeria one two one one one -one
Date Coincide Time (ET) Television and broadcast
Thu, Jan twenty Ivory Coast vs. Algeria 11am be IN XTRA / fuboTV
Thu, Jan twenty Sierra Leone vs Equ. Guinea 11am be IN CONNECTION

A shock loss to defending champions Algeria and Ivory Coast’s draw in the last round of matches has left the two heavyweights in their pool final, a head-to-head clash, both need to win, which that will make a convincing match for the neutral. .

Why Algeria need to win: The Fennec Foxes have no choice. A loss would eliminate them and a tie would probably produce the same result.

If Algeria beats Ivory Coast, the possibilities open up. The victory would send it to second place if there is also a winner in the other group match (Sierra Leone vs. Equatorial Guinea).

And Algeria can still finish first: a draw in the other group match, coupled with an Algeria win, would create a three-way tie at four points each. Algeria could win that tie if they can beat Ivory Coast by two goals or more. An Algeria win by one goal would be introduce other tiebreakers, as per tournament rules (page 32).

Why Ivory Coast needs to win: A tie or loss could see the Elephants overtaken for first place (and even second place) in the group. That would pretty much guarantee a much tougher Round of 16 matchup.

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For their part, Equatorial Guinea and Sierra Leone should treat the fans to an open game and each aiming for a victory that could crown them winners of Group E depending on what happens in Algeria-Ivory Coast.

While Sierra Leone can’t really afford to settle for a draw, Equatorial Guinea could be content with a draw as a four-point haul should be enough to come out, at worst, as a third-place team.

Group F scenarios

Team PTS GP W L D girlfriend Georgia GD
1. Mali 4 two one one two one +1
2.Gambia 4 two one one two one +1
3. Tunisia 3 two one one 4 one +3
4. Mauritania-me two two 5 -5

X = Qualified to the round of 16 | me = Deleted

Date Coincide Time (ET) Television and broadcast
Thu, Jan twenty Gambia vs. Tunisia 14:00 be IN XTRA / fuboTV
Thu, Jan twenty Mali vs. Mauritania 14:00 be in sports / fuboTV

With Mauritania having nothing to play for (they would lose a third-place play-off against Tunisia based on head-to-head result), that sets up an ideal group finish for Mali, who need a win by a few goals to secure the team. the first place in the group.

Anything but a Mali win in that match would open the door for Gambia or Tunisia to lead with a win, giving them plenty of motivation to chase a win when they meet.

Tiebreaker between Mali and Gambia: If Mali and Gambia are tied on seven points, the second tiebreaker (overall goal difference) would come into play. The team that wins its final by the widest margin finishes in first place.

If the two nations are level on five points, a third tiebreaker (goals scored overall) would be needed as the first tiebreaker (head-to-head result) is level from their 1-1 tie and the second tiebreaker (goal difference in general) would also be deadlocked at plus-1 for both. Therefore, the team involved in the higher score of the two draws would end up at the top of the group.

Tunisia betting: Even after losing their first group match against Mali, they can still dream of finishing first (a win for Tunisia and a draw or a loss for Mali) or second place (a win for Tunisia and a win for Mali) . But even a draw against Gambia wouldn’t be a bad result with four points likely enough to reach the round of 16. And that’s all any team is concerned about right now.

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