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Afghanistan: the drama of the alternative exodus of Afghans across the border with Pakistan

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Afghans walk between the fences on the Afghanistan-Pakistan border, August 24, 2021

Image source, Getty Images


Large numbers of Afghans have been trying to leave the country since the Taliban came to power.

Following the suicide bombings of the self-proclaimed Islamic State (IS) in the vicinity of the Kabul airport that have killed at least 90 people, the options for Afghans to leave their country have not only become more dangerous, but have been reduced.

US President Joe Biden declared that his forces will not remain in Afghanistan for a moment after the August 31 deadline.

And its ally Britain is already in the final stages of evacuation, recognizing that they will not be able to remove all the Afghan civilians and collaborating officials with whom it had engaged.

But the Afghans have other alternatives to go overland. The main one is through its border with Pakistan, although it is still dangerous.

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