Sunday, December 5

Afghanistan: US bombs Islamic State member after Kabul airport bombing

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Joe Biden

Image source, Reuters


US President Joe Biden already announced on Thursday that he had given orders to his military to develop plans to attack ISIS-K in Afghanistan after the attack at the Kabul airport.

The United States carried out an airstrike on a member of ISIS-K in Afghanistan, the group that claimed responsibility for the suicide bombing at the Kabul airport in which nearly 200 people, including 13 US military personnel, were killed.

Captain Bill Urban, spokesman for the US Central Command, confirmed this Friday that the drone attack was carried out against a “planner” of the self-proclaimed Islamic State, although he did not clarify if it was related to the attack on the airfield of the Afghan capital.

“The unmanned aerial attack occurred in Nangarhar province in Afghanistan. The first signs are that we kill the target “, he said in a statement in which he said he had no record of civilian casualties.


President Joe Biden has already warned that, in retaliation for Thursday’s attack, he had asked the heads of the Armed Forces of his country to developednownoperational plans to attack the assets, leaders and ISIS-K facilities “.

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