Friday, December 2

Afghanistan | “Women are imprisoned and criminals are free”: the judges who fled the country after the arrival of the Taliban

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Judge Sana at her temporary home in Greece. She says she will never stop fighting for women’s rights in Afghanistan.

When Afghanistan fell to the Taliban, hundreds of judges went into hiding: the Taliban had opened jails across the country, freeing the very men they had imprisoned.

Twenty six of those women they escaped to Greece and the BBC traveled there to meet them. For your safety, their names have been changeds.

Around midnight, the phone rang. With the pickup location confirmed, it was time to go.

Dressed in a full-length black chador, Judge Sana went out into the street, her two young children by her side. Each carried a single bag, which contained two sets of clothes, a passport, telephone, cash, and whatever food they could take for the journey ahead.

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