Wednesday, February 28

Afghans need billion-dollar aid to avoid poverty, according to UN

United Nations and its humanitarian partners request $ 5 billion to help millions of afghans while the country struggles to get ahead after the conquest of the taliban.

It is the biggest appeal that the HE-SHE-IT to help a country on the brink of a humanitarian crisis and economic collapse.

According to the agency’s figures, more than 13 million children need food, shelter and medical care to survive.

“In Afghanistan looming a full-blown humanitarian catastrophe, we must act quickly to save the future of the country “, expressed the head of humanitarian coordination of the United Nations, Martin Griffiths, at the launch of the aid plan.

United Nations warns that the worsening of the conflict in the country, together with the worst drought in the last 20 years have caused that at the beginning of this 2022 more than half of the Afghan population, some 24.4 million people, need urgent help, a 30% more than last year.

“The risk of collapse in Afghanistan is high, 23 million Afghans suffer from acute malnutrition and if the necessary measures are not taken in 2022, up to 131,000 children under the age of five could die”, predicts the UN.

“It is crucial that international players regain confidence in the Afghan market and for this it is necessary to ensure that aid arrives and that services work”Griffiths stressed.

The humanitarian aid coordinator was particularly concerned about the situation of The education in the country, since it is endangered for around 8 million children due to the non-payment of teachers since August.

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Within the aid plan, the UN High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) asks cooperating countries for 623 million dollars (549 million euros) to help the 5.7 million Afghans displaced in neighboring countries.

The Acting Director of Save the children in Afghanistan, Fiona McSheehy, notes: “Two out of three children are in desperate need of humanitarian aid, an increase of more than a third from the beginning of last year. We are seeing queues at our mobile health clinics with more and more patients presenting with malnutrition and pneumonia. Also, malnourished adults. “

The Afghan economy, which depends on the help, was plunged into chaos after the seizure of power by the taliban, whose resources have subsequently been frozen, mainly by the United States.

The international aid is allowed and Save the children is distributing cash to ensure families can buy essential food to get through the winter.

He is also handing out clothes and blankets. The condition is that the aid goes to the population and not to the Taliban.

However, the HE-SHE-IT He says that much more is needed and that the international community must step up its assistance.

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