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After counting the preferential vote, Adams leads the fight for the Mayor’s Office side by side with García and Wiley is eliminated

What was already seen happened. After a week of municipal elections in New York City, it will take another week to find out who will be the Democratic Party’s official mayoral candidate, who will eventually become the next president of the Big Apple, since the numbers show a close contest, side by side, between Eric Adams Y Kathryn García, which will be defined next Tuesday.

After 11 rounds of counting of the new method of voting in order of preference, released in these municipal elections, this Tuesday the New York City Board of Elections (BOE), issued the second report of the partial results of the primary elections on June 22, putting Eric Adams at the head, with the 51.1%, with 368,898 votes, closely followed by García, with the 48.9% of the votes, represented in 352,990 votes.

The electoral body explained that the results are not yet definitive, since it is still necessary to count almost 125,000 votes that were mailed, and that they will move the balance to decide whether the triumph will be for the current president of the borough of Brooklyn or for the former commissioner of the Department of Health.

The data issued by the BOE show that the margin between Adams and García it is only 2.2%, What equals to 15,908 votes.

The great change represented by the vote count in order of preference was the elimination of the former councilor of the De Blasio Administration, Maya Wiley, who with the preliminary count last Tuesday had managed to place himself in second place.

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Following the new report from the Electoral Board, which will present the final data on July 6, candidate García was very optimistic about his eventual triumph over Adams.

Eric Adams, candidate for Mayor of NYC

“Even with today’s preferred voting report, we are still waiting for more than 120,000 absentee ballots to be counted and we are confident that there is still a path to victory,” commented the ex-commissioner. “Once all the votes are counted, I know that everyone will support the Democratic candidate, and that is exactly what I intend to do. We await the final results. Democracy is worth the wait ”.

Former candidate Maya Wiley showed that she fully supports the results that were announced, and stressed that the most important thing is that Democracy triumph.

“Democracy, as John Lewis said, is an act. And the residents of New York City participated in one of the central acts of democracy! They voted. And they acted when they overwhelmingly chose to adopt ranked-choice voting. ” the lawyer commented. “I said on Election Night: We must allow the democratic process to continue and count every vote so that New Yorkers have faith in our democracy and government. And we must all support their results ”.

Eric Adams, for his part, showed a very different position and despite having warned last week that he would abide by and respect the results of the Electoral Board, this time, after learning that the results show him side by side with García, he criticized the electoral body and your report.

“The total of votes that the Electoral Board has just published is 100,000 or more than the total announced on election night, which raises serious doubts. We have asked the Board of Elections to explain such a massive increase and other irregularities before commenting on the projection of ranked voting, “said Adams. “We remain confident that Eric Adams will be the next mayor of New York, because he formed a historic coalition of the working class of five New York counties to make our city a safer, fairer and more affordable place.”

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Kathryn Garcia, candidate for Mayor of New York

It should be noted that the sum of the votes of the 6 eliminated candidates who competed against Adams and García, according to the preliminary data of last Tuesday, publicly shown add up to more than 300,000, and according to the new method in order of preference, the votes that placed to other candidates in second, third, fourth and even fifth place, they joined the two who are leading.

Another of the positions that also maintains a tight margin and that must wait to be certified, is that of municipal comptroller, where with 51.7%, Brad Lander leads Corey Johnson, who has 48.3% of the votes.

Regarding the Republican nomination for Mayor, with 70.4% Curtis Sliwa is on his way to certification, after leaving Fernando Mateo on the road, with 29.6%.

The Electoral Board either had issued data on other races such as the presidencies of the five boroughs and seats on the City Council, where preliminary figures put 29 women leading in the 51 seats in dispute.

Maya Wiley: “We need a different kind of leadership and I have it”

Mayoral race

  • 51.1%: Eric Adams: 368,898 votes
  • 48.9%: Kathryn García: 352,990 votes

Facts about the mayoral race

  • 2.2% is the difference between Eric Adams and Kathryn García
  • 15,908 more votes put Adams first
  • 125,000 mail-in votes yet to be counted
  • Tuesday July the BOE will issue the final count and certify the winner

First-choice votes of eliminated candidates

  • 177,722 votes had Maya Wiley
  • 93,291 votes had Andrew Yang
  • Scott Stringer had 40,244 votes
  • 22,221 votes had Dianne Morales
  • 18,503 votes had Raymond McGuire
  • 17,303 votes had Shaun Donovan
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Race for the Republican nomination for Mayor

  • 70.4% Curtis Sliwa: 39,760 votes
  • 29.6%: Fernando Mateo: 16,756 votes
  • Contest for the Municipal Comptroller’s Office

    • 51.7%: Brad Lander: 301,846 votes
    • 48.3%: Corey Johnson: 281,867 votos
    • Competition for the position of Ombudsman

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