Thursday, June 17

After several days hospitalized, a 16-year-old Hispanic cyclist died in Queens

Fight for asphalt and sidewalks in NYC.

Photo: Andrés Correa Guatarasma / Courtesy

Darwin Edison Durazno, a 16-year-old cyclist teenager, died after spending several days hospitalized after being run over in Queens (NYC).

Durazno was one of at least three serious road accident victims on the night of Friday, June 4, including a 10-year-old boy and Lisa Banes, hollywood actress struck by a scooter, the occupant of which fled.

Of them, only Durazno has died. The Corona resident was riding his bicycle at about 9:30 p.m. on College Point Boulevard near 18th Avenue, when he was hit by a vehicle that had gone off the lane trying to pass another car. He suffered head injuries and was admitted to NYC & Health / Jacobi Hospital where he died on Monday, he reported. NY1 News.

Authorities recovered the Toyota Camry vehicle that struck Durazno, but the motorist has not been located. It has been created a page on GoFundMe to help the family with funeral and other expenses.

Last month it was announced that speed limits would be lowered on 10 streets in all five boroughs of NYC in an attempt to prevent pedestrian fatalities that had already risen 58% this year, said Mayor De Blasio, whose “Vision Zero” road safety plan has long been questioned for years.

Recently the activist group “Transportation Alternatives” drew attention to the high number of accidents that have occurred this year in the city, particularly in Queens. As New York City reopens, traffic violence has killed a record number of our neighbors ”, they alerted. “The numbers in Queens are especially alarming. May 2021 was the deadliest May on the streets of Queens since Vision Zero began, with 12 fatalities. The previous record was eight ”.

The organization also notes that the first five months of 2021, with 27 deaths, have been the deadliest for Queens in a similar period since 2014. That is why they say that political leaders “must treat car deaths like the public health epidemic that it is.”

Activists and authorities witness a road chaos that is being experienced in the city after the pandemic, with drivers of cars, motorcycles and bicycles violating the rules. With fewer cars on the asphalt, streets and sidewalks NYC have become a terrain of speeding and recklessness, according to statistics from a recent report by the Manhattan Institute.

In addition, Extended outdoor restaurants in the name of social distancing, have generated more improvisation in the already narrow spaces shared with pedestrians, riders, garbage bags and vehicles.

Also since the pandemic there are more riders – delivery men and walkers – in the streets, and not all of them are legal. The rental and purchase of motorcycles and bicycles has been experiencing a boom in the city for some time, and many of its users they disrespect the traffic lights and the direction of the roads and, in addition, they have taken the sidewalks, further threatening passersby.

A new “Transportation Alternatives” poll found that nearly three-quarters (70%) of registered voters in NYC were in favor of reduce speed limits on residential streets, up to 20 mph. Another study that looked at 1,600 drivers in April and May found that 94% of drivers on Staten Island were speeding, 73% in Queens, 52% in The Bronx, 46% in Brooklyn, and 30% in Manhattan.

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