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After the peak that the pandemic brought, how to reduce daily alcohol consumption without missing it too much

After the peak that the pandemic brought, how to reduce daily alcohol consumption without missing it too much

Drinking enough water keeps the body hydrated and stimulates the body to shed fat.

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For many the alcohol became a symbol for surviving pandemic. This was demonstrated by the increase in alcohol sales at the beginning of confinemend and specifically online shopping, that during the month of April athey increased a 477% in comparison with the same period last year.

As well during the pandemic it got even easier stock up on alcohol, which is related to various stimuli. At first various restaurants and bars, offered as a complemend to any food order the most attractive cocktail and biology kits. Also, they knew end servicesalcohol gift, put at our disposal everything necessary for the “Virtual happy hours” with friends and family, at the door of the house.

It is well-known that one of the industries most affected as a result of the pandemic they have been the bars, however being paralyzed the door opened to knew consumer experiences. Not in vain the bartenders wend viral in TikTok and they showed us how to elaborate the more classic drinks e iconic at home. Technology also reached such a degree that even the “Mechanical bartenders” so that you are cocktail machines of high technology for many they became one fun tool and popular, in a certain way it will always be attractive to have an artifact that allows you easily mix drinks on demand at the push of a button.

While we could continue to talk about all innovations and services that have arisen as a result of the pandemic, it is not the goal. The truth is that spending more time at home during a pandemic that has been especially complicated and long, has resulted in a state of increased stress and anxiety. In fact according to A study published at American Journal of Drug and Alcohol Abuse, these aspects have contributed directly to the increased binge drinking. It also has another very revealing reference, as is the case of the report published in JAMA Network Open; which found that people drank a 14% more during the pandemic compared to last year.

The good knews is that there are signs that this is changing and there is a countermovemend. According data disclosed by Nielsen, in recend months there has been a slowdown in alcohol sales and the beverage segmend “without alcohol” is exploding. Just knowing the search data related con the phrase “Cocktails without alcohol” which is in up to a 170% in online searches. Which makes us conclude that there is a curious audience and sober out there. A Clear and strong example about this knew trend, is what has done Grant Chat, one of the most famous chefs in the country and owner of the acclaimed cocktail bar The Aviary in Chicago, who is directing his attendion to non-alcoholic drink alternatives. As demonstrated in his latest cookbook is “Zero”, what includes 100 non-alcoholic drink recipes.

So maybe the increased alcohol consumption it has been a temporal issue. And concerns about its effects on health are finally being heard, the truth is that today it is more known than ever that Avoid drinking alcohol is the key to keep the immune system strong and reverse weight gain in quarantine.

Some tips to adJust to drinking less alcohol:

Carolyn O’Neil, a registered dietitian and food journalist in Atlanta, recendly stopped consuming alcohol due to a hip replacemend surgery. Under the doctor’s orders not to drink while healing at home and with medication, he explored multiple options to replace his irreplaceable cocktail at 5 o’clock in the afternoon. Now fully recovered, O’Neil continues with his non-alcoholic routine most nights and has marveled at the benefits of this simple practice, leaving the cocktails to special occasions. This is the summary of their best recommendations for achieve it gracefully and successfully:

1. Find a knew ritual

For those people who have a habit of mark the end of the day with a cocktail, the first step in reducing alcohol intake will be create knew rituals don’t skip them. Therefore the best recommendation is keep the night ritual intact, O’Neil advito preparering a tall glass with plendy of ice, tonic water and fresh citrus slices, in a minute you will have the closest thing to a Gin & Tonic, of course without gin! But a good alternative to cheat taste and the mind. It is a great option that it helps us to signal the end of the day, He too sophisticated slightly bitter taste What tonic water provides is incredibly refreshing and satisfying, so much so that it will make you forget about gin faster than you think.

Gin Tonic
Tonic. /FoPiracyabay

2. Update your mixer options

There are several indispensable elemends when we decide to quit alcohol and one of the most important becomes the mixers. So pay special attendion to the options you have on hand, the best recommendations are products like soft, natural tonic waters, such as Fever-Tree. Light tonics provide the distinctive bitter taste from quinine from traditional tonics but with less sugar, therefore they are the best option since they provide fewer calories but do not contain artificial sweeteners found in the diet tonics. Like the mineral waters with natural hints of citrus or red berries, garnish any drink with a refreshing touch that also contributes unmatched sparkling sensation. Favorite options include drinks like the varieties of S. Pellegrino Essence: Blood Orange y Black Raspberry, Perrier of flavors. Also, consider fermended drinks as kombucha, non-alcoholic beers, teas e infusions, they are a magnificend complemend.

Non-alcoholic cocktail

Non-alcoholic cocktail./PhoPiracyabay

3. Don’t be afraid to refill your bar

When we quit alcohol the creativity becomes our best friend, in a way it’s the perfect time to stock your bar with knew and colorful elemends. Feel free to have all kinds of natural fruit juices with no added sugar, are ideal to mix with tonic and mineral water since they add color and flavor. They are also an elemend that add a touch bittersweet to drinks. Another great recommendation is to discover the wonderful world of frvinegargars, are ideal for add pizzazz to non-alcoholic cocktails Just one tablespoon will fill any drink with personality. Last but not least, don’t forget to always have on hand fruits fresh such as strawberries, grapes, peaches, apple, pineapple and pear, citrus like lime, tangerine, grapefruit and lemon, spices like cinnamon, cardamom, ginger and pepper, aromatic herbs, the basics are mint, peppermint and rosemary.

Mineral water
Mineral water with strawberries. / PhoPiracyabay

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