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After the slap to Macron, two young people passionate about the Middle Ages and the extreme right

Slap moment.

Slap moment.

“Take the pulse of the country”, with this mission the French president, Emmanuel Macron, embarked a week ago on a mini tour through the rural territories of the country. In the early afternoon of this Tuesday, on an official trip in the Drôme department, the president was able to verify in first person, after rhe received a slap when he approached to greet his fellow citizens, that spirits are more than heated. Following the incident, two 28-year-old men were arrested and charged with “deliberate violence against a person with public authority. “Taking into account the aggravating circumstance related to the victim’s personality, they face three years in prison already one fine of 45,000 euros.

Who is the man who, without hesitation, slapped the head of state? The French media have already named the individual who starred in the unusual scene: Damien T. On social networks, the same ones that served to spread the images of the aggression, Damien T. did not hide his interest in “personalities of the ‘fachosphere‘”, Points out France Info. On the YouTube platform, the young man is subscribed to the accounts of several influencers far-right, including the former president of the National Youth Front, Julien Rochedy, and the group “Équipe Communautaire Paris”, affiliated with the “Les Braves” network [“Los Bravos”] captained by white supremacist Daniel Conversano.

“¡Montjoie Saint Denis!”

“Montjoie Saint Denis! Down with macronism! ”Damien T. is heard chanting before slapping Macron. Here is a clue to his convictions, since it concerns the battle cry of the French monarchy whose origin would go back to the kings of the Capetian dynasty. In fact, the young man would be passionate about the Middle Ages and adept at medieval fighting with sword, occupying the presidency of an association of European historical martial arts in Saint-Vallier, in the department of Drôme. During the search of his home, the police reportedly found dummy weapons, a Soviet flag and books on role-playing games and combat simulations, according to the newspaper ‘Le Parisien’.

Your acolyte, Arthur c., suspected of having recorded the sequence, shares the same hobbies. According to police sources evoked by BFMTV, the forces of order have found “weapons” at his home, including a carbine in order, and also a copy of the ‘Mein Kampf’ [‘Mi Lucha’], the first manifesto written by Adolf Hitler.

“This time you will begin to understand that violent men take action?”

While the investigation continues to clarify the motivations for the incident, in the political sphere the sentence it is unanimous. “Democracy is debate, dialogue, confrontation, expression of legitimate disagreements, but it cannot in any case be violence, verbal aggression and much less physical aggression”, Settled the prime minister, Jean Castex, through Twitter.

The leader of France Insoumise, Jean-Luc Mélenchon, in the eye of the media hurricane after declaring that “it is written” that before the next presidential elections there will be a “serious incident” O “a murder“, He showed his” solidarity “to the French president, before asking a question:” This time you will begin to understand that the violent take action? “, Thus referring to a video published by a far-right character simulating the execution of a leftist.

On the opposite side of the political spectrum, the far-right leader and Macron’s main rival in the next race to the Elysee, Marine Le Pen, censored the event via Twitter: “I am the first opponent of Emmanuel Macron, but he is the president. We can fight him politically, but we cannot afford the slightest violence towards him ”.

“We are in an increasingly violent society”

At the beginning of his pilgrimage, the head of state was aware of the risk associated with his exercise in an increasingly divided and tense country after months of restrictions. “You are going to take it all in the face”, With this French expression, Karl Olive, mayor of Poissy, in the Yvelines department, warned Macron of the tension that reigns in the territories and of the risk of being humiliated and insulted throughout his journey. An analysis quickly verified by the French president himself: “We live in a context that has increased tensions. The worry, the anguish […] have created moments of imbalance for some of our compatriots […] We are in an increasingly violent society ”, he analyzed during his trip to Lot’s apartment less than a week ago, before verifying the violence in his own flesh.

In this climate of tension, the next June 20th, regional and departmental elections.

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