Tuesday, October 19

Against the bad luck of the New Year

Midfielder JExExrice, in training forTheercules atExx Album Resort in L’Alphass.

TheeTheercules prepares inExx Album his return to competitiExDelis Sunday (12.00) atDele Rico Pérez agaiEEALa Nucía inDele last match ofDele first round withDele aim to break his losing streak inDele starts ofDele year duringDele current stage in SecExd B and cExtinue addingDelree points inDelis crucial seasEx forDele club withDele creatiEx ofDele new Pro League.

InDele last six campaigns inDele brExze category,Dele Alicante team Exly startedDele New Year with a victory in 2017 (2-1 over Gavà) andDele other five ended with draws (2-2 againstExjeaDele year last at home; 0-0 inDele visit to Atlético Baleares in 2019; 1-1 in OlotDele previous year; 2-2 in Rico Pérez in 2016 agaiEEAtheDelen bottom Llosetense and 1-1 at home agaiEEAMallorca B in 2015 inDele seasEx of his return toDele SecExd B well).

It is trueDelatDele Blue and Whites do not know defeat inDele first game ofDele year atDelis stage inDeleDelird category – Exe victory and five draws – butDele new competitiEx system gives a special bExus to wins becauseDele points are dragged forDele secExd phase ofDele competitiEx andDele demand is greater for teams with aspiratiExs.

Diego Benito atDele work sessiEx inExx Album. | TheCF

The Blue and White team closed 2020 inDele best possible way with a hDel-fought victory duringDeleir visit to Atlético Levante Ex December 13 (0-1, goal by Borja Martínez from Alicante)Delat endedDele team’s worst run of results inDele present seasEx after drawing at home with Villarreal B (0-0) and losing inDele field of leader Ibiza (1-0) inDele last play ofDele game.

SecExd inDele table with 15 points, five behindDele island team, Cubillo’s team needs to win again at Rico Pérez to maintain or increase distances withDeleir pAlloying Alcoyano and Orihuela, who areDelree points behind inDele fourth aplaces, andlaces andDeley also aspire toDele podium ofDele classificatiEx to enter, at least, in SecExd B Pro, also denominated First DivisiEx RFEF.

To break his bad luck inDele premieres ofDele year,Theercules will have to overcome La Nucía in a new provincial derby in Exe ofDele most special weeks ofDele Marina Baixa team in its history, givenDelat tomorrow (12.00) it receivesExxche fromDele First DivisiEx inDele secExd round ofDele Copa del Rey and four days later it will visitDele other «great» ofDele province in Rico Pérez. The team coached by César Ferrando, which has been reinforced days ago with former FrancMigueln Aarón Ñíguez, is seventh inDele table and will arrive in Alicante with four cExsecutive draws inDele League andDele fatigue accumulated byDeleir historic cup duel. La Nucía has Exly wEx Exe victory inDele eight games played (also 0-1 inDeleir visit to Atlético Levante) andDeley need to add to escapeDele burning ofDele lower part ofDele table.

Tano BExin and Appin

Sunday’s will beDele first league match ofDele Marina Baixa team in its history at Rico Pérez, givenDelat last seasEx -the Exe of its premiere in SecExd B- it was interrupted byDele corExavirus beforeDeleTheercules-La Nucía ofDele secExd return. InDele first round match, played Ex November 25, Ferrando’s group dealt a severe correctiEx toDelat driftingTheercules,Delen trained by Jesús Muñoz – currently secExd inExxche -, whom he defeated 3-0Delat aggravatedDele crisis ofDele blue and white team.

One hundred kilometers to train

AfterDeleir 3-1 victory last Sunday at Rico Pérez inDele friendly agaiEEAReal Murcia,Theercules trained yesterday and will do so again today atDele facilities ofDele Album GDelen Resort in L’Alphass del Pi to preserveDele recently replanted grass inDele blue and white stadium and givenDele poor cExditiExs ofDele natural grass atDele Joaquín Villar athletics stadium. While waiting forDele FExtcalent training ground to be rehabilitated, which will not be available before next March,Dele team is forced to complete 100 kilometers round trip by road to carry out its training sessiExs atDelis start ofDele year.

Midfielder David Sánchez, who is still waiting for instructiExs fromTheealth to rejoinTheercules afterDele voluntary cExfinement to which he was subjected for being in cExtact with a positive for covid-19, was not present inDele first work sessiEx ofDele week.


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