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Agamed focuses on fighting covid-19 and the economic recovery of Torrevieja

Agamed has presented its Report on Sustainable development. A document that collects the activity of the company throughout 2020 at a social, environmental, economic and governance level; and with special relevance to the chapters dedicated to the response of the joint venture, formed by Hidraqua and the Torrevieja City Council, in front of the health and economic crisis caused by covid-19.

Among the main environmental data presented in this document, it stands out that 100% of the electric power consumed comes from renewable sources and the high performance of water networks in the town, located today at more than 90%, a value that considerably exceeds the national average. Likewise, the shares of sustainable mobility, based on the optimization of routes and movements of the Agamed fleet and the incorporation of ecological vehicles, among others.

In relation to investments in new hydraulic infrastructures and renovation of existing ones, Agamed has invested a total of 1.5 million euros throughout 2020. Among the actions carried out, the works of the Cortes Valencianas avenue stand out, which are collected within the Infrastructure Plan, and whose main objective is to build a rainwater network to minimize flooding in the event of rains, through a better dimensioned network and new collectors.

In relation to the answer of Agamed in the face of covid-19, the company has worked on measures aimed at guarantee the quality and continuity of the water supply and sanitation, considered as essential services, as well as to protect the health and safety of the workforce and citizens.

Agamed Social Pact Presentation.

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In addition, during the most critical moments of the pandemic, the company has suspended any supply cut, guaranteeing access to water to all people. The customer payment facilities, through for example interest-free payment deferrals up to € 588,000.

On the other hand, from the hand of city ​​Hall, an expansion of Agamed’s social fund has been carried out to include those sectors most affected by the health crisis. In total, in 2020 a total of 375 families. In addition, Agamed has collaborated with the Red Cross in a campaign aimed at helping those who most needed it as a result of the crisis generated by covid-19. Thus, the company has donated € 1 to the Red Cross for each new registration in the customer area of ​​the website. In total, they got 1,568 new registrations.

Likewise, the City Sentinel solution has been implemented for SARS-CoV-2 virus monitoring in wastewater. This innovative tool is included in the report along with other solutions that the company has to improve the management of the integral water cycle, such as, for example, the centralized management model of Dinapsis, tools for improve investments, the operation management on the ground, or the rain forecast and alert system, among others.

The company has worked on measures to guarantee the quality and continuity of the water supply and sanitation.

Within the support of Agamed to the fight against the crisis derived from the covid-19, the company also launched in 2020 a social pact destined to contribute to the economic recovery of Torrevieja through the management of water and in which it is committed to the solidarity, the quality employment and the green reconstruction.

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At the moment, work tables are being developed by the city’s relationship groups to define the initiatives that Agamed will launch and that will contribute to its Recovery.

In the section of the report linked to customer areahighlights the work of this department during the pandemic. Thus, since before the state of alarm was declared, the customer service offices remained closed to ensure the health of both staff and customers. However, the Customer Service it remained operational by providing the customer service through non-face-to-face channels.

The digital transformation in which I was immersed Agamed, allowed customer service with its staff, available in the form of telecommuting, from their homes and complying with all the recommendations of the health authorities. Thus, channels such as the telephone attention and the personnel assigned to attend to inquiries made through the customer area of ​​the web.

This document also highlights other environmental values ​​such as spill control carried out by the company, the elimination of the use of phytosanitary products and pesticides from the facilities of the integral water cycle, the elimination of invasive species in the treatment plants, environmental restoration with native species in Torrevieja, or actions to protect urban biodiversity.

The company also launched a social pact in 2020

Likewise, Agamed has signed an Agreement with the UMH of Elche for the sludge composting research from the debugging process. In this way, it is possible to take advantage of all the waste produced in the purification processes and convert them back into resources, from the reuse of treated water, to the use of 100% of the sludge for fuel or as fertilizer for agriculture.

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In terms of Equity, the report highlights that the company has a Strategic Equity Plan integrated into all our work processes, decision making, people management policies, communication and organizational culture.

In addition, it has the Equality Badge, awarded by the Ministry of Equality, with the Bequal PLUS Seal granted by the Bequal Foundation and with the conciliation management system, efr, a model of the Másfamilia Foundation that deals with advancing and providing answers in matters of responsibility and respect for the Conciliation of work and family life.

Likewise, Agamed is certified with the ISO 9001, with the environmental management system ISO 14001; in Occupational Health and Safety management based on the ISO 45001: 2018 standard; and with ISO 22000, linked to water safety plan. On the other hand, his policy is Occupational Health & Safety It has led it to reach the figure of 0 accidents with sick leave, a figure that has been maintained since 2018.

As every year, the report has been independently reviewed and the provisions of the Guide for the preparation of sustainability reports Global Reporting Initiative (GRI Standards). The full report is available to view and download through the web.

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