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Agost organizes an extraordinary act of Les Danses del Rei Moro so that the “naranjeros” can dance at Christmas

Act of the orange trees, in a stock image

Act of the orange trees, in a stock image

Agost is already preparing his Danses del Rei Moro and celebrates on Monday an extraordinary act to be able to comply with tradition and that the young “naranjeros” can dance, after the cancellation of last year’s festivities. Thus, they will be added to those of the year 2020, so that two fifths will hold meetings from December 26 to January 1 Les Danses, after having complied with the tradition of orange trees.

The pandemic has changed everything, but in the ancestral Danses del Rei Moro de Agost, the status of “dancero” is not acquired if two requirements are not met: being 18 years old and picking up the oranges hanging on windows and balconies in the downtown Plaza de España, in the eyes of the whole town. This is the custom and the City Council together with the young people of the population have reached an agreement to hold an extraordinary act this October. “As no dances were held last year, the orange trees of 2021 they couldn’t pick the oranges and, therefore, this act that we are going to do now comes to give them validity within the party ”, indicated the mayor, Juanjo Castelló, who explained that it will be held next Monday the 11th.

With the Councilor for Festivities, Francisco Ivorra, he has met with a representation of the “fifths” of 2020 and 2021, which this year will party together after last year’s suspension due to the pandemic, and have outlined all the details for the extraordinary event that will be part of the program of the Artisan and Gastronomic Fair. Thus, at 6 o’clock in the afternoon the oranges will be hung on balconies and in the monument to the jug in the Plaza de España; later the proclamation that should have been read last year by the dancers of 2020 will be held and, at the end, the orange trees of 2021 will pick them up. From that moment on, they will acquire the full status of dancers.

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Meeting of the mayor with the danseros

And on December 8, as usual, those who have become dancers of the year 2021 will read their proclamation and from then on the programming will return to normal, celebrating the holidays, if the health situation allows it, between December 26 and January 1st. The mayor, Juanjo Castelló, stressed that “all parties have put a lot of common sense to comply with tradition and save the year of parenthesis due to the restrictions derived from the pandemic situation we are experiencing.” This year the festivities will be celebrated with two year old dancers, something that is unusual in the festival but that “involves recovering something that is one of the hallmarks of our culture and the most deeply rooted traditions”, in the words of Francisco Ivorra, Councilor for Fiestas.

In a few days, a commitment document will be signed with the 2020 and 2021 danseros, as well as the Moorish kings, figures who acquire a relevant role and who on this occasion will be embodied by Pedro Trujillo and Marisol Castelló who have already signed for 2020 but are waiting due to the pandemic and will see their dream come true in a few weeks.

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