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Agriculture owes 20 million euros in aid from DANA 16 months later

Agricultural land in Guardamar Del Segura flooded during the devastating storm in September 2019. |  AxesLAlvarezEZ

Agricultural land in Guardamar Del Segura flooded during the devastating storm in September 2019. | AxesLAlvarezEZ

Seven months after the Ministry of Agriculture promoted the call for urgent aid to alleviate the effects produced by the DANA on farms, those affected have not received a single euro. Specifically, 20 million were promised by the area he directs Mireia Mollà in grants of up to 8,000 euros for those affected by the devastating cold drop that occurred in September 2019, 16 months ago, but, so far, payments have not been made. The Delay in solving the files keeps those affected on the warpath and, in addition, is serving as ammunition for the opposition, which calls into question the management of the councilor from Elche.

It was in March 2020 when the Generalitat, through Agriculture, published the decree that regulated the bases for the Delivery of aid to help compensate both the damage to infrastructure and the productive capacity of crops. In this regard, provision was made for subsidizing actions in the field of repair of fences, ponds, debris, access roads or ditches, as well as to alleviate the definitive loss of soil and productive capacity. Said decree needed to be modified and was republished in June, with a period of two additional months for the presentation of applications that, as of today, remain unresolved.

Sources from the department led by Mollà specify that a total of 418 files requesting access to aid while claiming Bureaucratic problems to justify the Delay in making them effective. There has been, they say, “a certain Delay” in the counting since “many of them arrived by general registration, which has Delayed the process of compiling them.” Also, that “some of them have had to be corrected so that none are left out of aid”, and that at this moment “the areas, the amount of damage and the types of damage have already been entered into the management program 90% of the files per enclosure ”.

From the aforementioned Ministry they also underline that the promised compensation was up to 20 million euros and, in anticipation of not reaching the total amount, as fewer requests than expected are received, “items have been included to complete the overall amount of aid with investments aimed at repairing damages resulting from DANA ”. On this matter, they specify that the pending compensation is deinsurableninsurable damages in the current Combined Agricultural Plan, ande Plan and they point out that in compensation of Agroseguro, that is, those that cover damage to crops, 20 million have already been paid.

The Delay registered in the Mollà area contrasts with what happened with the aid planned by the Presidency to alleviate the loss of essential goods among those affected by the storm. Sources from the Generalitat state that 18.5 million euros were requested and 97% of what was planned has already been paid from the area controlled directly by Ximo Puig, something that the department of Mollà has not achieved at the moment. Neither the aid promoted in the matter of housing by the DANA have been paid in their majority, although from the Department of Rubén MartUnitesDPoem (Unides Podem), offer an explanation for this fact, and that is that the funds cannot be sent to the applicants until the repair works are carried out. In this case, files worth 2.3 million in requested grants have been resolved, of which 180,163 euros have been paid as advances. “As the works are carried out, the payments recognized in the corresponding resolutions will be released”, they maintain from the Housing area.

Real investment

The spokesperson for the Environment of the popular group in the Cortes, Elisa Diaz, has charged the inks against the management of Mollà at the head of the Conselleria by ensuring that only 5% of real investment in Agriculture has been executed based on the provisions in the regional accounts of last year. As for the CAP, he continues, “there is nothing executed in real investments, and in capital transfers and subsidies it does not reach 2%.” «Mollà betrays farmers, ranchers and fishermen. While they have given everything in the pandemic, she has not paid them anything “, emphasizes the deputy.

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