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Agro-industrial incentive aid from the Board receives 247 applications

Construction works of the Iberian macro-slaughterhouse in Zafra. / TODAY

The call financed with the recovery funds attracts projects that add up to an investment of 294 million euros

John Soriano

The new call for agro-industrial incentives from the Junta de Extremadura, financed with European recovery funds, has received 247 applications.

The Ministry of Agriculture, Rural Development, Population and Territory published on December 29 the regulatory bases of these aids and their first call. The deadline for submitting applications ended last Monday.

According to Agriculture, the total planned investment proposed by the 247 projects presented amounts to 294 million euros. Now the processing of applications begins, which will finally define how many of these actions can receive the required aid.

As it is a call financed with the Next Generation funds, the projects must comply with the measures of the European Union to face the effects of the covid-19 crisis. In this case, it is required that they be framed in the areas of ecological transition, digital transformation or smart and sustainable growth.

To fulfill these purposes, elements of first acquisition or execution that are intended for the creation of new production centers, the expansion of existing ones or their transfer are considered eligible.

Specifically, aid may be granted for the construction of new buildings, the acquisition of real estate on industrial land, the service connections necessary for the activity, the urbanization of the project and the expansion and modernization of existing buildings; as well as the construction of evaporation ponds and deposits.

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The equipment section includes tanks, product processing machinery, internal transport elements, measurement and control equipment, wastewater treatment, and computer applications and equipment.

In terms of installations, refrigeration and insulation, gas and thermal, electrical, plumbing and security and fire-fighting installations are allowed. Investments such as project engineering and project management fees, transfers of production centers (disassembly and subsequent assembly) and actions on already installed machinery can also be paid for.

The minimum subsidized investment will be 25,000 euros and the maximum 20 million. The call has an endowment of 25 million euros. The assessment criteria will take into account aspects such as job creation, the type of applicant company and the sector in which the investment is made. The projects in the Campo Arañuelo region, due to their ecological transition, also have higher scores.

120 companies in 2019

Agro-industrial incentives are one of the most important calls of the Ministry of Agriculture, since they are aimed at promoting the activity of companies in the region in a strategic sector.

In the last resolved call, in 2019, aid was granted to 120 companies for an amount of just over 19 million euros, according to the resolution published in February by the Junta de Extremadura. The initial allocation was 29 million euros.

Among the selected projects, the construction of the Iberian macro-slaughterhouse that is being built in Zafra stands out, with an aid of 6.2 million, and an oil mill in Lobón, which received more than 800,000 euros.

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