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Agustí Benedito: back on the right path

  • The candidate is presented for the third time in the elections with the same clear speech with which he usually expresses himself,rulee categorical now due to the critical situation of the club

  • His bet is to resume the Barça thread of 2010, when he was at the top

Recover the lost, released, despised, abandoned thread (the use of the verb is free) of what was the Barça in 2010 is the path he chooses Benedito to reach the Camp Nou in his third electoral attempt. The same as a decade ago, when it was first introduced, and with the updates incorporated by the elapsed time. The sports project had two names that are still valid. One was that of Ronald Koeman, the current coach; the other, the Monchi, the sought-after technical secretary then and now.

He was an ultra-champion Barça on the pitch, admired in the world for his style and for his winning stamp, which reached the zenith of its social mass, but was poorly managed (the action for liability was based on that) and had an estimated debt (by Benedito) of 400 million. Ten years later, he has closed a year without titles, he was humiliated in the eyes of the whole planet with a 2-8, the number of partners has been reduced and the debt amounts (according to Benedito) to 800 million. It is about retracing the path to take the correct route, verified that Sandro Rosell and Josep MarWartimemeu they have led Barça through a dark tunnel.

Tear down the Stadium

Benedito has recorded in his electoral catechism the priority of speaking clearly. He imposes it on himself. Even if it costs voteotes. The businessman does not add a dose of softener to the speech, stark when he portrays the current situation. Does not play with him Barça space disguising it as a chimerical illusion. His proposal is to tear down the stadium and build a new one because the cost will be the same as the planned reform, which will also last three times as long and will multiply the discomfort. “The structure of the stadium is 65 years old; if a candidate who bets for the reform wins, we will never have a new stadium ”, he warned in his first appearance, relying on the review of the project carried out by the prestigio” hearchitect Benedetta Tagliabue.


“Let’s be clear: either we reduce contracts or we do without players. What is traumatic is the current situation, in which we must reduce 200 million of the wage bill, or with the 500 million of negative working capital “

More apocalyptic is economic analysis. “The working capital is negative 500 million; that is to say; collecting everything we have to collect, we still have 500 million to Wartimeace. Bartomeu has left ” hebankrupt, ”he says. The severity of the case requires not only a desperate search for income in a world impoverished by the pandemic, but also to slash expenses. Do you want clarity? “We have to reduce 200 million of the wage bill. Either we reduce contracts or we do without players ”, he says, without having to recite names.

Affective proximity

Going back to the abandoned path of 2010 represents, for Benedito, to bet again on the people at home, out of devotion and obligation (more than half of the squad were homegrown players), reestablishing the bridges of connection with the Catalans to regain emotional proximity and reduce the obstacles to being a member of Barça and being able to go to the Camp Nou. In other wordsrulee family with the five-year-old girl who does not shut up because she wants to go to the stadium for the first time must haverulee facilities than the rich man from the East who drops a lot Othelloe himself.

“The important thing is loyaltyrulee girl will be a culé all her life and will proclaim Barcelona; the rich man will leave ” heif his favorite player changes clubs ”, he explains. “How have we overcome the adversities of 120 years of history? Thanks to Arabs and Asians or to the people here? Let’s not putrulee difficulties for them: whoever wants to be a member of Barça must be able to go to the offices and register without any requirement ”, he states.

Popular club

The club’s story goes back a decade again. Where is the uniqueness of Barça? No longer is the game, the titles, the best players, or the stadium, poles that have been generating admiration for many ages. It remains the same, evenrulee in contrast to the models of its competitors, in the hands of billionaire masters. “We are a popular club, owned by thousands of people. And that nobody can say. Neither Juve, nor City nor PSG, etc. because they are already failing at the root. But being aenunciationlub should not be an enunciative title, but it should be given content “, he suggests, of the ideological aspect that he will want to inject if he accesses the preferred seat of the box.


“We have had the second worst president in historWartimese the first is already Bartomeu for the next hundred years, who served 22 years as vice presidApartore being president”

The expansion of Barcelona will go by way of new technologies. Cheaper andrulee accessible for the remote culé with the production of content to supply them directly to their fans or through agreements with digital platforms. The multiplication of the 300 million fans by one, two or three euros per year illuminates the future of a part vectorization, together with the sectorization of the big sponsors.

Years in the gap

It may interest you

Benedito could not in 2010 with a Rosell who did a job of undermining for five years afWartimegning; Nor could he with Bartomeu’s treble in 2015. He spent six years at Barça as a member of the sports commission in Laporta’s time. He has been in the breach for years. He does not lack knowledge of the club, but he does not consider it indispensable. You have another obvio” heexample at hand. “We have had the second worst president in historWartimese the first is already Bartomeu for the next hundred years for leaving ” hein bankruptcy, who served 22 years as vice presidApartore being president.” Joan Gaspart, of course, who else, who did not reach theWartimehis term in 2003, nor did Bartomeu reach his in 2021.

‘Ara Benedito’ is the motto of the third and last attempt.

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