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Agustín, Bernardo and Juan Antonio, the secondary ones of the Pantoja clan | People

The confrontation between Isabel Pantoja and her son Francisco José Kiko Rivera has returned the tonadillera to the pink chronicle and also to place it under the magnifying glass about his way of proceeding with the assets he owns, his and those of that son who used to be his life and now can mean the beginning of many problems. This maternal filial relationship has gone from reverential to almost bloody. Via exclusive and in front of the Telecinco spotlights, Kiko Rivera revealed that his mother had deceived him with the inheritance of his father, the bullfighter Francisco Rivera Paquirri, and in the last installment of this paid pamphlet he spoke of money invested and saved outside of Spain, of the almost three million euros that his mother owes him in response to the paternal will and that he has already put up for sale 50% of Singer, the farm that his father left him as an inheritance and whose other half ended up in the hands of Isabel Pantoja due to those vicissitudes through which the agreements between heirs pass.

The consequences of these revelations will be seen with the passage of time, but in the give and take of accusations – in which the tonadillera has decided to maintain a silent profile in public – other characters appear that are part of the DJ’s lesser-known family , beyond his famous brothers Francisco and Cayetano. One of the names that have been mentioned the most during these weeks of television confrontations has been that of Agustín Pantoja, the singer’s little brother and her inseparable guardian. Much is said about him and little is known. He is the youngest of the four Pantoja brothers: Bernardo, Juan, Isabel and himself. An artistic clan with disparate trajectories who inherited their love of music through their father’s path, since his father, Juan Pantoja Cortés, was a singer and lyricist of fandangos in the Los Gaditanos trio and his mother, Ana María Martín – known as Doña Ana after the success of her daughter – she was a dancer in the companies of Pepe Pinto and Juana Reina.

Agustín is currently the personal secretary of the tonadillera and who handles all its affairs. Live with her on the farm Singer, where they both take care of their mother, who is in poor health, and has fought with the media in court to defend that she is not a public figure. A fact that he fought after retiring as an artist since, following the example of his sister, he tried his luck in the world of song and came to release an album, Brownish skin, that brought him notoriety in the eighties and that at the end of that same decade he signed a solo tour. He settled this adventure in the late 90s, but his artistic history includes eight albums and two gold records.

He lived in Mexico and later returned to Spain to become one of the axes of Isabel Pantoja’s life and also one of the most criticized members of the clan precisely because of her nephews, Isa Pantoja and Kiko Rivera. They point to him as the culprit of family conflicts, as a shadow counselor for his sister’s decisions and as a possible key to solve once and for all the problems that have arisen between them. For now, his response has been silence, remaining faithful to his sister and entrenched in Singer.

The other two brothers of the tonadillera have also been in their professional environment in different ways. Juan Antonio Pantoja is a guitarist and for years he accompanied his sister in her performances, but he is usually very reserved and little given to appearing at family gatherings that can mean public exposure. He lives in Seville, some media point out that in an apartment owned by the singer and which is located in front of the city’s fairgrounds, he is not married and has no children. Those who know him affirm that he is a joker, nice, very country and that he has also helped his sister in times in the farm that was owned by Paquirri. The disagreements between the brothers and the shadow of the almighty Agustín are projected again, according to the environment of the tonadillera, as the ultimate cause of their not so fluid current relationship. Something that has not meant that Juan Pantoja has shown fissures in public respect for his famous sister.

Bernardo Pantoja is the oldest of the brothers. He is the only one who has not dedicated himself to the artistic world and for a time he was his sister’s driver on her trips. He married Mercedes Bernal, mother of Anabel Pantoja – Isabel Pantoja’s media niece – in 1986 and they separated six years later. In 2018, he married the Japanese dancer Junko, a link that neither his daughter nor his sister attended. They say of him that he is a man of good character but that he has not had any luck in life. In 2006, a murky confrontation outside a bar in Triana caused him to receive two stabs in the stomach and before that, in 1991, he was involved in a case of fraud, theft of bank documents and forgery, which led to his imprisonment. Three years ago, due to a diabetes problem, he had to have a foot amputated and he did not receive a visit from his brothers Isabel and Agustín either.

Above all of them is the mother, Dona Ana, 89 years old, now in poor health and living in Singer cared for by their children. She was the permanent shadow of her daughter when she started in the trade, who was in charge of protecting her from dangers of all kinds. Of gypsy origin, he knew the economic hardships and sold vegetables in the market at his father’s stall before dedicating himself to flamenco dance. She was soon a widow and when her daughter began to emerge in the world of cante, her tenacity in defending her daughter’s virtue was such that her attitude became a popular saying. “You seem like the mother of the Pantoja”, is heard when someone exaggerates in their protection towards another person.

The new ones to the clan, Isa, Kiko and Anabel, have found on television a way of life in which tearing apart family ins and outs has become business. As far as that is his sky or his cross, it must be left to the chance of the passage of time.


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