Friday, December 3

Agustín Pery: Is it them or us



‘The Taliban are not the North Vietnamese army, they are not. Under no circumstances will you see people being taken into the air from the roof of the US embassy in Afghanistan, it cannot be compared. Keep this sculpted phrase in your memory, each word, as you watch the scary images on television, listen to the sounds of horror and read the chronicle of a failure unparalleled in the articles of ABC or any other newspaper, it doesn’t matter.

40,000 million dollars a year spent (squandered?) On espionage and on July 8, this sidereal stupidity is the one verbalized by the president of the most powerful nation in the world. Biden did not want, did not know, could not say the

Truth, the one that the Taliban jackals had abundantly clear: without the western mastiffs guarding the flock, they would end up biting the sheep.

But this is not only the failure of Trump, Obama, Bush and not now that of the fainthearted Joe and the European troupes who cheer him on and celebrate ‘cool’ feminism while thousands of Afghan girls are being raped and enslaved as I write these lines from the drafting convenience. Biden’s quotation marks summarize the blindness and naivety of the West in the face of the penultimate medieval stronghold of our era.

The failure figures are bloody in lives, embarrassing in dollars but even more terrifying when we look at the true dimension of the disaster. These demons that cover the walls of our civilization of young people hooked on the jaco are the managers of a narco state in the name of Allah, whose ability to gallop through the veins of half the world needs the complicity of the infidels in ties and Muslims with djellaba . The Taliban are vermin and only with their extermination could a failed country be built if they want but certainly more habitable than this branch of hell on Earth that these psychopaths have turned it into. Blood and fire on them, without half measures, without sugary phrasing or neo-hippian sophistry. The survival of a better world happens because theirs disappears, deserters from the battalion of civilization. We need strong leaders, capable of defending the castle so that at least we don’t have to listen as Biden reminds us that “an endless US presence in another country’s civil war is unacceptable,” as if Afghanistan were a mere tribal issue among goatherds. If the West should eliminate the Taliban power, it is not to bring civilization to a land anchored in the Middle Ages, but to prevent them from spreading their horror beyond their borders, to preserve what is ours at the cost of their own, to neutralize the binladen of the future. Because our world, with its imperfections and miseries, is infinitely better than what plagues us like a gangrene that spreads in the name of Allah from the mountains of the mullahs. There can be no goodness for those who have renounced Humanity.

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