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Aid for unaccompanied minors, free bus and progressive IBI: the demands of the carmenistas to Almeida

The budgets of José Luis Martínez Almeida should not make a 180 degree turn if he accepted the mixed group conditions He has already put on the table to give a yes to the mayor, but they will include some games that would be unthinkable if he continued with Vox. Some of them are proposals for strict municipal management, others, even though they are, also have a symbolic value for its ideological background, as published The newspaper of Spain.

The four councilors of Recupera Madrid have incorporated into their amendments requests for help unaccompanied minors, whose reception centers have been subject to all kinds of disqualifications and attacks by Vox at the local and national level throughout the legislature, to the collective LGTBI and the increase in other social aid destined, among others, to the Cañada Real. His proposals also include the replacement of the plaque dedicated to former Prime Minister Francisco Largo Caballero.

The sum of the amounts allocated to these four cases barely reaches one and a half million euros, that is to say, that in no case could the municipal accounts be out of order, but accepting them supposes for the Government team to reverse some of the measures that have been carried out in the last two years of the legislature pushed by the initiatives of Vox and the need to count on them for other matters.


The mayor assured that “to negotiate these budgets” you need “the same spirit that allowed all municipal groups to reach an agreement, that is, put the interests of the people of Madrid above“It remains to be seen if these types of measures fall within that spirit that infected all political groups a year and a half ago or if the government team understands that their ideological weight breaks that balance.

Along with these measures, the most generous games proposed by the mixed group are those aimed at matters related to the mobility, the sustainability o la living place, among others. Specifically, the free public buses during rush hour, related proposals to increase the use of bicycles in the city (bike lanes, parking and reinforcement of Bicimad) and the rental aid or the progressivity of the IBI tax.

In addition to presenting a reduced number of partial amendments, which they justify both in the lack of resources of the mixed group itself and in its willingness to propose “realistic” initiatives, the increase in spending that they propose in them is linked to items of “other contingencies”. This means that the government team would not necessarily have to reduce the amounts allocated to the initiatives already proposed, it will not be necessary to remove from one side to put in another, but can use the funds without a specific destination to defray the new expenses.

Vulnerable groups

Regarding the amendment addressed to the lessunaccompanied beef, the carmenistas do not ask for an increase in the budget for reception centers or more places in them, but “the development of a social labor project for young people who have left the system of protection for unaccompanied minors and do not have family support”, who for the moment believe that it could be financed with 100,000 euros next year.

The 75,000 euros that they ask for to increase the amount of the call for aid for the protection and promotion of rights of LGTBI persons, on the other hand, would have to come out, as the amendment initially of some other item of the Delegation of Families is planned , Equality and Social Welfare. Here it will be necessary to see if the exchange takes place with the aid that until now has been allocated to anti-abortion associations, as the different groups of the left in the consistory have requested on different occasions.

Refering to replacement of the plaque dedicated to Largo Caballero and located in the Chamberí neighborhood, in Recupera Madrid they point out that it is an important symbol for them and that they want it to be launched as soon as possible. So much so that training sources indicate that they want a minor contract to be offered immediately to the author of the original plate, Pepo Noja, if the budgets are finally approved. In November 2020, this honorific sheet placed in 1980 by the then municipal officials, was withdrawn from its place in application of an initiative approved in plenary session at the proposal of Vox with the support of PP and Citizens to rename the streets that bore their name and remove the statues and plaques that were dedicated to him. The withdrawal was especially controversial because it was hammered and ended up shattered, so that the PSOE, UGT and Más Madrid presented various complaints that now the Provincial Court finds it necessary to examine to determine if a possible crime of damages and administrative prevarication was committed.

Sustainable transport

Recupera Madrid has also incorporated an amendment worth five million for bike lanes. They understand that in a year it will not be possible to put out to tender the drafting of new projects and execute them, so it would not be credible or realistic to include here the necessary item for their development, that is why they have chosen to put a lower amount but that would allow to shore up the signaling the bike lanes in different streets of Madrid and, at the very least, start promoting the use of this means of transport in certain areas.

Your proposal on the free bus at rush hour, which on different occasions have been marked as a priority, is valued at 25 million euros. The objective of it is encourage the use of this public transport, which after the worst months of the pandemic, according to data from the responsible area itself, is at 78% of its available capacity. Whether or not the amount is sufficient is not clear to them and the formula to compensate for the expense that this entails is not entirely clear according to different sources, but in the mixed group they are determined to take this initiative.

The main stumbling block, repeated the mayor, is in the tax area, which is “non-negotiable and is a red line of this government team, “as he himself indicated. But he softened his tone by saying the following:” We have to see if there is any possibility, without touching that fiscal scheme, of acceding to any of the claims that Recupera Madrid has. ” progressivity of the IBI tax that the Carmenistas are asking for does not seem legally viable as they state it and they have made it known to them from the Government team, but they are convinced that there has to be a formula to be able to reach their objective: that people who live in lower value homes pay a reduced tax and this is compensated by increasing the tribute of those of higher value or large holders, and they are looking for the formula to get this proposal transacted.

Will there be an agreement? Neither party is clear on this yet, but in the mixed group they are grateful, at least, that Almeida has sent them “their best interlocutor and negotiator to reach it, Engracia Hidalgo.”

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