Wednesday, September 22

Aina Cid, life at the pace of shovels

  • He has been chosen, along with Toni Bou in the men’s category, as the best Catalan athlete of 2020
  • He has a bronze in the Rowing World Cup and a gold and a silver in the European Championships
  • The objective in sight will be to get a medal at the Tokyo Games next summer

Through the windows of the Sierra Nevada High Performance Center, where it is now concentrated, Aina Cid (Amposta, 1994) does not see lakes or rivers or a boat with which to jump into the water to row and row, sometimes at the fast speed of 36 strokes per minute, together with his fatigue partner, Virginia Diaz. He only observes the presence of the nearby snow and the winter cold but the horizon finally clears an Olympic Games, postponed by the pandemic, and where he aspires to get a medal in the company of Diaz, as flag bearers of the Spanish rowing team.

This week, together with Toni Bou, in the men’s category, has been chosen as the best Catalan athlete of 2020, whose award she will receive in February. “Awards like this serve to get your work recognized because sometimes it seems that they forget about you. I know that rowing is a minority sport, but I live on scholarships and at most some small help from my people. But it is so and so difficult to get sponsors, not even for material, no longer for money. And that is why I called and contacted several firms after the Rio Games, but nothing, only negative responses, “he explains in a dejected voice from his Granada refuge.

His life, now, is a constant training because 2020 due to the confinement and the strange way of competing that almost all athletes have had has not been a pleasant year. “From here to the Games several concentrations and trips will arrive to compete in the European rowing or in the World Cup,” he explains Cid, which will only have a few days of vacation for Christmas.

What he likes most, he adds, is being able to train along the Ebre river and bring the boat closer to the algae near Tortosa or the mouth. “There I have kilometers and kilometers to train because in the other place where we usually concentrate, in Banyoles, there is hardly a margin of two kilometers and we have to turn around right away.”

From the Amposta Nautical Club

He grew up as an emerging figure of the Club Nàutic de Amposta and immediately began to stand out in international rowing, first together with his former partner Anna Boada, until he left the competition, and these last seasons with Virginia Diaz, with whom he lives and shares hours and hours of training, now in Sierra Nevada, based on squeezing himself with the rowing ergometer, the roller with the bike and the weight sessions in the gym. “We were three members of the Spanish rowing team. When Anna left the competition we stayed Virginia and I, and thus we began to share the boat where each time competitively we understand each other better “.

Sports achievements

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Internationally, and as main achievements, the bronze medal has been hung (along with Boada) in the Plovdiv World Cup (Bulgaria, 2018), gold in the 2019 Lucerne European Championship and silver in the continental championship held this year in Poznan (Poland), in both cases sharing the pot with Diaz. But he also does not forget the Olympic diploma achieved in Rio.

“Now, in Sierra Nevada, we try to get the advantages of training at altitude before the Christmas holidays to return after Reyes”. And so it will be, without rest, until about Games that nobody wants to be postponed again. And always without forgetting to clean the boat after removing it from the water, which must be treated with care because without it it would be impossible to dream of sporting successes.

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