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Air fryer: 5 reasons to buy one (and some not to)

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If you do not know whether or not it is worth buying a fryer without oil, here are the main pros and some cons.

There is no doubt about the success of oil-free fryers at this point, and it is that all kinds of models are sold like hot cakes, particularly when special dates such as Christmas arrive, although the rest of the year they continue to maintain the pull with new models and features.

There are things you should know before buying an Air Fryer, such as size or power, which, as they increase, also tend to raise the price.

Beyond everything you should know before taking the step, from the experience of for the models that we have been able to test there are several things that perhaps nobody explains and what to take into account.

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These are the main pros and cons of an air fryer, advantages and disadvantages whether you plan to use it daily or if you are looking for one for more occasional use.

There are models that meet certain requirements and others that do not. We will be leaving some recommendations according to the points that we are pointing out.

  1. Truly amazing results
  2. Lower consumption than other appliances
  3. Wide variety of recipes
  4. eat healthier
  5. Ease of cleaning
  6. Cons: very limited cheap models
  7. Another reason against: there are foods with which it is difficult for them
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There are foods that are really good, practically the same as fried

This oil-free fryer boasts a large capacity, 5.5L in total. It also has digital control and energy efficiency A +++

Although the operation of an air fryer and a classic oil fryer is very different, there are foods that offer a practically identical result.

It is true that this is a bit of a “cheat”, since, for example, frozen French fries come with a certain amount of oil and many people add a few tablespoons, for example, to fried chicken.

In any case, it is much less oil, just enough to coat whatever you want to cook, nothing to do with a traditional fryer.

What is 100% real is that potatoes, fried chicken and even bread offer the same result as in an oven: golden, crispy and tasty, and that is one of the main points in favor of the Air Fryer.

The electrical consumption is much better than that of an oven

Now that the electricity bill is skyrocketing, it is the best time to invest in low consumption appliances, since having one with an A+++ energy certification can really save you a lot of money.

If you usually cook in the oven, you should know for sure that it is one of the appliances that needs the most energy, even at low temperatures. If you don’t cook large quantities, an air fryer is a much more efficient alternative.

The operation is similar to that of the oven with a fan, and after all, what it does is circulate a current of hot air inside it to brown the food and cook it inside or out.

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Due to its small size, the electricity needed to heat it is much lower.

Not just potatoes and fried chicken: also bread and even vegetables

Best Air Fryer Cookbooks

If you have enough time to spend in the kitchen, an Air Fryer allows you to experiment quite a bit with different recipes. For example, you can make pastries and dehydrate fruit, since after all it is still a miniature oven.

You can for example make crispy baked vegetables, be it broccoli, cauliflower or any other, even healthy snacks like crispy fried chickpeas.

Much less fat of all kinds

Although each brand gives a different fat reduction figure, what is clear is that air fryers allow you to eat less fat than oil fryers, it is clear. How many? It depends on what you cook.

This means that calories and saturated fat are much lower, and that is always good to avoid cholesterol and being overweight, two of the main drivers of cardiovascular problems, the leading cause of premature death worldwide.

With one of these fryers you can continue eating foods you like without feeling bad about it.

They are easy to clean and take up little space.

Unlike a classic oven or fryer, these appliances are very easy to clean both in the dishwasher and in the sink.

You just have to remove your basket to clean it, although you do have to be very careful not to damage the non-stick surface, so if you use a scourer it would be better to use one for this type of material.

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Against: the capacity of the cheapest models is very low

The first reason why you may not be interested in buying an air fryer is that its capacity is usually low, especially in cheap models of less than 50 euros, which have a maximum capacity of 2L.

Such a small size makes it difficult to brown food on all sides and turn it overin addition to getting smaller portions, obviously.

Luckily, there are more and more large-capacity models on sale, in some cases of more than 5L for less than 100 euros.

Another negative point. not all food is made properly

Finally, while there are many options for air frying, there are certain things that don’t work as well. This is the case of many croquettes, which lack “body” to cook inside and hard in a fryer without oil.

This causes them to fall apart before they are fully cooked and end up forming a shapeless dough that is not very appetizing.

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