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Airbnb closed with 7 million dollars case of woman who was sexually assaulted in New York department

In airbnb many people have access to the keys where you are going to sleep, a situation that compromises your security.

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It is becoming more and more common for people to substitute staying in a hotel and choose one of the thousands of options offered by the Airbnb app. However, despite being attractive for their designs or price, There are many questions that leave in doubt the security for those who rent and for those who stay., according to a work published by Bloomberg Businessweek.

According to the publication, Airbnb has a security department that manages a large budget to deal with extreme situations that arise in the business. Something like $ 50 million annually for host, guest payments, including legal settlements and property damage.

One of the cases cited in the report was the alleged rape of a 29-year-old Australian woman in New York, early on New Year’s Day 2016. The woman and her friends rented an apartment on West 37th Street, near Times Square.

The guests reportedly collected their keys from a nearby warehouse that same night without showing identification and then headed out to the New Years Eve party.

When the victim returned from the bar without his friends, shortly after midnight, the suspect, identified as Junior Lee, 24, was allegedly in hiding, then threatened her with a kitchen knife and raped her.

The assailant was caught by the police with a set of apartment keys, along with a knife and one of the woman’s earrings. He was charged with predatory sexual assault and could face life in prison.

It is not known how Lee obtained the keys to the apartment, but Airbnb officials were concerned that tourists would file a lawsuit against the company over its key policy, which does not require hosts to use keypad locks that change codes or reveal. who else has a copy of the key.

The victim’s attorney negotiated a $ 7 million settlement two years after the alleged crime, preventing you from blaming or suing Airbnb or the host of the apartment.

The details of the crime, the company’s response and the agreement were revealed from police and court records and confidential documents.

In 2011, a host in San Francisco wrote on his blog that when he returned from a business trip, he found his home ransacked. His “guests” destroyed his clothes, burned his belongings and ripped a hole in a closet door. locked to steal your belongings.

Other cases concern a host of dangerous incidents, from hosts throwing suitcases out of windows to hidden cameras, gas leaks and sexual assaults.

Another case occurred in October 2011, when an Airbnb host in Barcelona cheated on two American women who had booked a stay at his home, he drunk them and then raped them.

The publication points out that the modus operandi of the company is always the same, the security team takes care of everything, absorbs expenses and offers large sums of money to those involved who are affected.

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