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AirPods Pro 2, first impressions of Apple’s best noise-cancelling headphones

We have just received them and these are the first impressions of the 2nd generation AirPods Pro, Apple’s new TWS headphones with active noise cancellation.

The new generation of Apple AirPods Prothe active noise canceling wireless headphoneswas one of the novelties that those from Cupertino presented us in their last Keynote at the beginning of September.

The AirPods Pro 2nd generation They come with significant hardware improvements that provide better active noise cancellation than its predecessor, as well as a case optimized to fit Apple’s new MagSafe charging systems.

We just received them and we couldn’t resist the temptation to bite into this apple and tell you what sensations Apple’s new true Wireless noise-canceling headphones have given us.

Subtle differences in design that improve its performance

At first glance, it will be difficult for us to differentiate the AirPods Pro 2 if we do not have the previous version nearby to compare them because, in essence, they continue to have that recognizable design of the original AirPods Pro.

Curves and ergonomics have not been affected with the arrival of the new generation that maintains the comfort that characterized the previous generation, largely enhanced by the use of silicone pads that secured the AirPods Pro in place inside the ear.

Beyond the contribution in terms of comfort, these silicone pads are crucial to obtain better passive noise isolation, so it is important to choose the most suitable among the four pad sizes included.

The grille that hid the noise-canceling microphone from the previous generation is joined by a new isolated microphone in a smaller grille that sits on top of the earcups. The proximity sensor stays in the same position stopping the music when you take off the headphones.

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In a nutshell, 2022 AirPods Pro are just as comfortable as the previous generation. Partly because of its content. 5.3 grams of weight, and partly because of the possibility of adjusting them with more pad sizes. In any case, very positive experience of use in these AirPods Pro first impressions.

Apple H2, the chip that brings back silence

The most important changes are found inside, where the great protagonist is the H2 processor that governs with an iron hand the behavior of the AirPods Pro of 2022.

This processor is responsible for collecting the sound wave collected by the external microphones of the headphones and generating the reverse wave that cancels out this noise, generating the magic of silence within the ear canal.

Given the microphones have been improved by picking up ambient noise surrounds you more accurately, the reverse wave generated is also more efficient achieving an amazing level of silence.

Is this noise cancellation twice as good as the previous model as Apple promises? Well, with only a few hours of use it is difficult to quantify, but we can say that it is at the highest level, matching that offered by the best True Wireless noise-canceling headphones of 2022.

The second generation AirPods Pro arrive with a new low distortion drivernew transducer and amplifier assembly, as well as the addition of a new adaptive sound equalization enhancement algorithm, which adjusts each sound frequency in real time to put it in place while the music plays.

The H2 chip also brings improvements in sound directionality through the function of Spatial Audiowhich applies a more immersive sound by fixing the device to which they are connected as the source of the sound, so that if you move around the room the music will change from the left to the right channel with respect to the position of the device.

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The truth is that it is an attractive feature that brings a naturalness to the audio experience, and it does it really well since the voice of the vocalists precisely positions the sound with respect to your orientation at that moment, just as it would happen in a concert, for example.

However, many users may not see this as an advantage because the normal thing is to listen to the music through the channels that the creator has assignedand not that it depends on where you are looking.

Sound quality is as expected from high-end headphoneswith well-shaped lows that are combined without major problems with highs and mids without the slightest hint of artifacts or distortions.

In any case, these are first impressions resulting from only a few hours of use, so we reserve our final opinion for the full review that we will publish in a few days.

New case, more autonomy

The biggest renovation of this new iteration of the AirPods Pro falls on its charging case, which not only provides the style of smooth lines and compact dimensions that makes it a very comfortable case to carry on top or hooked on the backpack with the new anchor for straps, but also bets on new charging systems from Apple.

We are talking about a case that now supports MagSafe wireless charging with the iPhone or with any wireless charger that complies with the Qi standard, but also puts its grain of sand in optimizing space by allowing charging with the Apple Watch series magnetic charger. 8.

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If you have the latest Apple watch, you can use its charger to also charge the AirPods Pro. In addition, it also has a more conventional Lightning connector, which also allows you to share the iPhone charging cable.

According to Apple, the autonomy of use grows up to 6 hours of use per chargetwo hours more than its predecessors, and a total of 30 hours of listening with the charges provided by the charging case, obtaining up to an hour of use with only 5 minutes of charging in the case when it is connected by cable.

We don’t have enough data yet. enough to confirm or disprove Apple’s estimates of How long does the AirPods Pro 2 battery last?but in the complete analysis of the AirPods Pro 2 we will have the results of our load and battery use tests.

These wireless headphones from Apple are the upgraded version of the original AirPods Pro, now with advanced features and top-notch noise cancellation.

Another novelty that Apple announced in its Keynote at the beginning of September was the incorporation of a small speaker in the airpods pro case. Beyond emitting different sounds to indicate its status, this speaker allows you to emit a sound to locate the case if you lose it at home.

But the location options do not stop there. Inside it has been installed a U1 chip like the one in the Apple AirTags that allows it to be located using the Search function, showing on the screen the distance and direction in real time in which it is located.

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