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Aitana: “A collaboration with Estopa would be a success”

Aitana Ocaña.

Aitana Ocaña.
Ariana roman

Even being a complicated year, Aitana Ocaña cannot make a bad balance: She started with the Odeon revelation award, collaborated with Katy Perry and ends up as the most listened to female artist in Spain and with a new album, in which she reaffirms her independence in the Avril Lavigne style. Only one other thing could make it even better …

“Doing a collaboration with Estopa would be a triumph”, this young Catalan woman acknowledges to Efe who has surprised with a change of style that looks towards “power pop” or punk-rock from the early 21st century in “11 reasons” (Universal Music), his second studio album, which was released this Friday.

Recovered from the covid-19 that kept her confined in recent days in her home, although without symptoms, in Ocaña (Barcelona, ​​1999) a change is perceived that goes beyond the musical compared to when she launched a year and a half ago her first album, “Spoiler”: very attentive to every detail, the artist gives instructions incessantly and is much more confident when speaking.

“From the beginning it was said that it was not completely within the project and it is a lie, but on the first album you need to hear many opinions and from there find your own“, he justifies about the hodgepodge of styles, voices and producers that came together in that debut.

In “11 reasons”, this time he only wanted have the heads of “Telephone”, Mauricio Renfigo and Andrés Torres, to shape an album that, curiously, presents a very different style, closer to Avril Lavigne, Blink-182 or Simple Plan.

“Here I wanted everything to be closely related, around the same genre, and to be from the same producers to work hand in hand with them. I have always understood the best with them, who also wanted to get out of the urban world“, he claims.

The spring enclosure used it to compose. Eight of the eleven reasons were made in that period, in which he had time to spin and think very well a whole concept, such as an eleven-element mathematical formula around a toxic relationship that goes from more to less in a progression inversely proportional to the empowerment of its protagonist.

“The result is the eleven reasons to say that I love myself more”, explains its author, who has wanted to “share” half of the cuts with colleagues like Sebastián Yatra in “Corazón sin vida”, a friend for a long time. a couple of years, and The Cali and the Dandee, with whom many months ago he published one of the few ballads on the album, “+ (MÁS)”.

Aitana, who recently had a good eye when participating in the reissue of “Your photo of the DNI” of her friend (then anonymous) Marmi, also put her eyes on a series of young talents in music, such as Pole and Álvaro Díaz for ” – (LESS)”, Beret in “Stupidity” and Natalia Lacunza in “When you left.”

“I wanted a woman on the album and the one on that particular song is a very empowered woman; it seemed to me that what Natalia does fit this. I admire her a lot, she is developing a magnificent career and I like her songs and her whole concept as an artist“, stands out from Navarra, also emerged from the quarry of” Operación Triunfo “.

She was chosen in turn by Katy Perry to accompany her on the song “Resilient” together with the DJ and producer Tiësto (“something very strong”, he celebrates), Aitana’s follow-up data continues to grow spectacularly not only in Spain (where her duet with David Bisbal “If you want it” was the most watched video clip on YouTube) , but also in Latin America.

“I am not aware of the numbers and, although I’m excited that things happen like the video clip with David, what I like the most are others, like going through a street and hearing that in a car they are listening to my song at full volume, “says who is fighting from today with Pablo Alborán for the number 1 in lists when only three years ago his surprise with him was another: “But he does know my name!”

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