Wednesday, December 2

Aitana, an expanding artist

Since Aitana Ocana came out of ‘Operation Triumph in 2017‘, his career has only grown, constantly linking different projects in which music is not the only protagonist: from having his own documentary to being the brand image of large firms.

Days ago it became the only Spanish to collaborate with the artist Katy Perry, and premiered a documentary about the ins and outs of his latest tour in ‘Aitana Play Tour: Tras las Luces’ (Movistar +). But December is also loaded with projects for the artist, who releases her second album on the 11th, becomes the image of Puma in her new campaign and stars on the cover of the December issue of Vogue.

Aitana Ocaña Morales (San Clemente de Llobregat, 1999) entered through the doors of the ninth season of ‘Operación Triunfo en 2017’ being a complete anonymous and left them converted into a mass phenomenon, with five platinum records for her single ‘The bad‘and a contract with the Universal Music Spain record label, events that would only mark the beginning of a career that has since grown exponentially.

Three years later, the artist has learned to process and enjoy her success, as she has confessed to the fashion head in her new issue: “Trying to always be at the top, I could be too hard on me, and sometimes become my worst enemy . Discipline I knew well; but to enjoy the miracle that had touched me I learned later“, confesses an Aitana, whom the wave of success at such an early age has matured in a short time.

Stripped of the straight bangs that is already an iconic hallmark of the vocalist, Aitana reflects on her growth in these years, as well as on her way of assimilating the successes that with much work she has been reaping, something that she has also wanted to capture on her second album , ‘Eleven reasons‘.

I would really like it to reflect what I am growing personally and professionally“, explains in the pages of Vogue the young woman, who has learned to savor the victories and define her musical style.

In addition to appearing in one of the flagship fashion headers, Aitana, who has been the protagonist of brands such GHD, Yves Saint Laurent, Multiópticas o Stradivarius, now sign with the sports brand ‘Puma‘as a new ambassador.

And it is that, in addition to becoming one of the musical voices with the greatest projection, fashion is also an important pillar for the Catalan, and gives rise to styles that are revered and analyzed in networks to the smallest detail.

These two facets that provide feedback have recently been joined by a third on the small screen. Proof of this is his participation in the animation tape of the Netflix platform ‘Beyond the moon‘, where interprets’I will fly‘, the central theme of the soundtrack.

Almost simultaneously, came the announcement of the premiere of the first documentary about the artist’s tour ‘Aitana Play Tour: behind the lights’, which shows in detail the hectic days of her first solo tour, ‘Aitana Play Tour’.

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