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Al Qaeda number two shot dead in Iran

File image of Abu Mohamad Al Masri, number two of Al Qaeda.

File image of Abu Mohamad Al Masri, number two of Al Qaeda.

Al Qaeda number two, Abdullah Ahmed Abdullah, better known as Abu Mohamad Al Masri, was shot dead last August in the Iranian capital, Tehran, in an operation carried out by Israeli agents commissioned by the United States, as reported by four sources from the US intelligence services to the newspaper ‘The New York Times’.

His daughter Miriam died along with Al Masri, in turn widow of Hamza bin Laden, the son of the late al Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden. Both died from the shots fired by two operatives from a motorcycle. The operation took place specifically on August 7, a date that coincides with the anniversary of the 1998 attacks on the US embassies in Kenya and Tanzania in which Al Masri is believed to have participated.

Intelligence sources indicated that Al Masri had been “in the custody” of Iran since 2003, but that he had been living freely in the Pasdaran neighborhood of the Iranian capital for the past five years, quite possibly under the identity of Habib Daud, a Lebanese history teacher. His daughter would also have received a new identity in the name of Miryam, a 27-year-old Lebanese.

According to the sources’ account, the operation took place around 9:00 p.m., when Al Masri was driving with his daughter in a white Renault near his house. Two armed men on a motorcycle stopped next to him before firing five shots. Four bullets entered the driver’s side, hitting father and daughter, and a fifth hit a nearby car.

The 58-year-old terrorist was part of the founding group of Al Qaeda and was believed to be number two in the organization. He is also on the list of the most wanted by the FBI, since, officially, neither the terrorist organization nor any government have recognized his death.

Iran denies it

Iran’s response to the newspaper’s information has not been long in coming, and it is a resounding denial of the foreign spokesman, Said Jatibazdeh.

“To avoid responsibility for the criminal activities of Al Qaeda and other groups, Washington and Tel Aviv attempt from time to time to establish a link with Iran through falsification and leakage of fabricated information to the media, “he announced at a press conference collected by the Tasnim agency.

“Although the United States has never been spared a false accusation against the Islamic Republic of Iran, this approach has become a permanent modus operandi in the current US administration, as the White House has attempted to make progress in implementing its iranophobia by repeat such accusations, “said the spokesman.

“Such allegations are undoubtedly part of the full-blown economic, intelligence and psychological warfare against the Iranian people, and the media should not act as a rostrum to spread the White House’s willful lies about Iran,” has riveted.

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