Thursday, February 2

Alabama escape update, no suspects in Wisconsin arson : Daily Briefing Tuesday

A corrections officer who escaped with an inmate from an Alabama prison has died after the romantically-involved fugitives dodged authorities for over a week. No suspects have been named yet in an Arson attack on a Wisconsin anti-abortion group’s headquarters. The House of Representatives will vote on sending billions more in aid to Ukraine and infrastructure is serving as a political harbinger in this year’s primaries. The namesake son of late Philippine dictator Ferdinand Marcos appears poised to have won the presidential election by a landslide.

I’m Nicolewith Tuesday’s news.

Some news to know now

🔔 Two former Oklahoma police officers have been charged after fatally shooting a black man.

🟩 The three Americans who fell ill and died at a Bahamas resort had been treated at a hospital the night before.

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