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Alavés and Cádiz tie with two separate penalty goals

Two penalties They starred in the draw between Deportivo Alavés and Cádiz (1-1) in a meeting with few occasions, corresponding to the twenty-seventh day of LaLiga Santander, in which the locals went ahead first with a maximum penalty converted by Joselu Mato, in the 36th minute, and the Cadistas tied, also from eleven meters, with a goal from Álex Fernández, in the 83rd.

The result was insufficient for the Basques that when they rubbed their hands with the three points, they found the goal against in the final stretch of the clash that led to the expulsion of Manu García for a double warning.

Instead, the yellow ones they pulled an important point from Mendizorroza that keeps them away from the red zone of the classification in which an Alavés remains who failed again in the hot minutes.

The clash started with the injury to Argentine Marcos Mauro Five minutes after the start of a game in which Alavés tried to bring weight and initiative to the needs of the local team.

Álvaro Cervera was forced to make a move With this setback, and meanwhile, Alavés gave the first warning with a center from the left by Rubén Duarte that crashed into the post after a clearance by Cadista José Mari.

Álvaro Negredo was the lighthouse that He tried to illuminate every attack by Cádiz. All the attacks went through the striker, who was trying to fix the Vitorian defense, who nevertheless had little work in the first minutes because there were hardly any occasions in either of the two areas.

Neither wanted to make mistakes back and They did not want to risk in an initial half hour of scoring and with the players without losing their place.

In fact, everything seemed that it could change if someone made a concentration error and that was about to happen with a departure from Jeremías Ledesma, who did not catch a loose ball and was about to take advantage of Joselu Mato.

The award for insistence albiazul took place in the 36th minute, with a penalty committed by Salvi Sánchez who touched the ball with his hand inside the area, after a good control by Luis Rioja, who transformed Joselu Mato to overtake a needy Deportivo Alavés.

After the goal Cádiz stretched and the game opened. The two contenders had more arrivals, but the 1-0 did not move until the break.

Alavés gave the first warning in the resumption and maintained the defensive concentration, necessary to disconnect a Cádiz that stayed the same flat that in the first part and a local team was found that tried to lower the revolutions to the party.

There were hardly any chances in the second half, but again a penalty, which caused the expulsion of Manu García for double warning, gave Cádiz the opportunity to match a match that had an albiazul color.

Alex Fernandez He was right from eleven meters and the people from Cádiz were even able to get ahead in the final stretch.

– Datasheet:

1 – Deportivo Alavés: Pacheco; Martín, Lejeune, Laguardia, Duarte; Pellistri (Pons, min. 85), Manu García, Pina, Rioja (Lucas, min.65); Édgar Méndez (Córdoba, min. 79), Joselu.

1 – Cádiz: Ledesma; Fali, Cala, Marcos Mauro (Salvi, min.5), Espino; Jonsson, José Mari, Álex Fernández, Perea; Nephew (Saponjic, min.83), Negredo (Malbasic, min.83).

Goals: 1-0, m.36: Joselu, from a penalty. 1-1, m.83: Álex, from a penalty.

Referee: Isidro Díaz de Mera Escuderos (Castilian-La Mancha Committee). He expelled Manu García for a double yellow (min. 81). He showed yellow cardboard to the locals Pina (min.70) and to the visitors Salvi (min.34), Cervera (min.41), Fali (min.74) and Malbasic (min.92)

Incidents: Match corresponding to the twenty-seventh day of LaLiga Santander, played without an audience at the Mendizorroza stadium in Vitoria.

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