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Albares asks to reflect on “operational contacts” with the Taliban to continue removing people from Kabul

The Minister of Foreign Affairs.

The Minister of Foreign Affairs.

The Minister of Foreign Affairs, EU and Cooperation, Jose Manuel Albares, has requested this Friday a “Quick and urgent reflection” to the international community on “operational contacts” with the Taliban that allow “continuing to extract” Afghan collaborators.

“All the countries of the NATO mission and the European Union have to continue extracting our Afghan collaborators,” said the minister in statements to the TVE ‘Telediario’, collected by Europa Press, in which he stressed that the air base of Torrejón de Ardoz (Madrid) has become the “political and humanitarian heart” of Europe.

Asked about contacts with the Taliban, Albares has asked the international community “to make a quick and urgent reflection”, while emphasizing a “differentiation”. “Political contacts with the Taliban are not being asked by anyone,” he said.

In this context, the Minister of Foreign Affairs has pointed out on “operational contacts” with the insurgents “if necessary” and before “those who end up controlling the airport and the borders.” “We have to analyze within the EU, NATO and the international community,” he stressed.

On whether the Spanish Government and the rest of the countries have been slow to react in Afghanistan, the minister has defended that it is “difficult to know and to make future things that already happened”. “The important thing is what we are going to do for the future. The objective does not change; it is not to leave anyone behind. Defend human rights in Afghanistan,” Albares clarified.

“It is a reflection that we have to do together. How can we continue doing today what we have been doing until yesterday once the airport does not offer the security conditions to continue on that airlift that we were taking”, insisted Albares, who has He pointed out that the conditions are “more difficult and complex” but that he is not resigned to saying that “everything is over”. “We can not leave anyone behind,” he has riveted.

“Alternative routes”

In a subsequent interview on Cadena Ser, collected by Europa Press, Albares explained that “the Kabul airport route” to evacuate Afghans is closed “for the moment” and has assured that “Alternative routes will be studied” in this “second phase.” The minister has insisted that the Spanish government will not negotiate with the Taliban, but “operational contacts” so that “humanitarian aid can enter or the borders can be opened.”

Regarding the criticism of the opposition for “lack of communication” with the evacuations from Afghanistan, the Minister of Foreign Affairs recalled that on August 2 he had a first contact with the Foreign spokesmen of all groups “to explain the device.” and also with the parliamentary spokespersons of the parties.

“I am going with the spirit of giving explanations, of being transparent and of gathering support for what is not a government or party policy, but a matter of the State,” Albares explained.

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