Thursday, December 3

Albert Rivera, the former – Information

Albert Rivera has said ugly things to Arrimadas. Very ugly. It’s what exes have. While they are a couple (political in this case) the miseries are thrown to their faces in private, generally after lying in a more or less funny way or at mealtime, between the first beer and the “coñá” that follows the desserts. That’s where everything comes out: household expenses, Sunday rice at the in-laws’ house, dog piss in the living room, flirting in someone else’s corral, the derby on Saturday and Champions League Wednesdays … dirty rags that are washed at home but once the divorce decree is handed down without measure in the circle of friends, in the workplace, in the bed of the new or new lover, in the cigarette afterwards. Even in front of the children, damn his stamp.

Becoming an ex leaves you exposed to derision, to go from respectable person to sad pollaboba, guest star of bar comments or WhatsApp groups, meme meat among his or her friends, object of ridicule in the chat of the moms and dads from school, the favorite target of the index finger, the perfect resource against uncomfortable silences: “Look, that’s where Fulanita’s ex goes. He doesn’t lift his head, poor man.” Being an ex, no matter which side you are, is a spit to dignity, it turns you into a plague because you end up being an embers that eats the ear with misfortunes to the first one who suffers the misfortune of bumping into your path. Until the ex does not return to the life of a couple and walks hand in hand with another companion down the main street of the city, the very circumstance ends up turning him into an outcast. “You’re nobody, ex!” They seem to yell at you. An ex is an insufferable and tedious guy that nobody wants to be around, unless you are another ex. In that case, that two-way conversation is not paid. As it gets richer with imposted anecdotes and exaggerated fables of the single life, the talk gradually turns into a bulería of bed ghosts and chronicles of seven males, or seven females, ending in a soleá of misadventures and calamities that no god can bear.

Albert Rivera is still in that first phase, that of marking a package, that of you cannot be left alone, that of I am that way, but I don’t want to be noticed. Just when Inés Arrimadas was about to find a partner via a budget pact with the Pedro Sánchez government, Alberto Carlos came out with all the former’s own artillery, the predictable and predictable one, which seems to be sold by weight in the bazaar of the corner, the one that keeps in the bedroom the one who dedicates Friday nights to eating frozen pizza and goes all weekend in pajamas: “When you lose your dignity, that is not recovered,” he said.. If that has released Doña Inés in public, I do not want to think about lunchtime with Small. The singer must be up to do re mi. And let’s not say Lucas the dog, it still smells like milk, that innocent animal that he took out in the campaign before his failure (from 52 to 10 deputies). Lucas has itchy perineum from listening to his friend lying down so much, return me to the kennel for what you love the most, Albert, I can’t stand you.

Arrimadas, very much in her role as the former who is left with the responsibility of taking care of the offspring, has come out more than worthy: “Let’s keep doing this [dialogar con Sánchez] because I think it’s the right thing to do “. There are classes and schools, and it must be recognized that the president of Ciudadanos demonstrates more class than her predecessor.

Other public officials have suffered from the former syndrome before. Felipe Gonzalez, for example, it is not known if he speaks of Spain or Sebastopol when he sits in the chair, a former manual, He sees everything wrong, he has not liked anything since 1996, neither Aznar nor Rajoy, nor Zapatero, let alone Pedro Sánchez. Aznar is the worst of all. He is the spiteful and omnipotent ex, the one who sends others to crack, his name is Pablo Casado or Cayetana, he is the one who should be silent the most when he has half the council of ministers of his time behind bars or prosecuted for corruption, he is the unfriendly ex makes you uncomfortable in the bar, the bully who blurts out the comment out loud so that the truths are not heard in the middle of an argument. Zapatero and Rajoy are the former pagafantas, those whose character no one will remind them of their merits, call it the end of ETA, homosexual marriage, the Dependency Law or the way out of the economic crisis. That’s why we like them.

And Albert Rivera is doing this, whose law firm has just been hired by Pablo Casado’s PP to appeal the Catalan rental law. For their interest, we repeat: “When you lose your dignity, that is not recovered.” It is officially an embers. Everything indicates that the former president of Cs wants to stop being an ex as soon as possible. But it could be worse Albert, it could be worse. It could be Rosa Díez.

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