Friday, December 3

Alberto Fernández: the photos of a birthday in the middle of forties that create a political storm for the Argentine president

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Argentine presidential family

Image source, LN+


The photos revealed by two journalists from La Nación +.

Argentina’s presidential family violated the quarantine, one of the strictest in the world, in the middle of the coronavirus pandemic in 2020. And now that celebration has consequences for the president.

This became clear when photos of a meeting held on July 14, 2020 at the presidential residence were published this week by local media.

It was from the birthday of Fabiola Yanez, the president’s wife, Alberto Fernandez, who goes through a sensitive political moment: The economy is still in the doldrums, there are signs of fractures within the ruling party and legislative elections will be held in November that can compromise the majorities of the Peronism that he represents.

“Definitely I realize that it should not have been done,” Fernández admitted this Friday during an event in which the ruling party wanted to be unified.

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