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Alcalá’s quarterer: “I cut it frozen because it didn’t fit in the chest”

The Alcalá ripper, during the trial.

The Alcalá ripper, during the trial.

Manuel M., accused of kill and dismember your romantic partner in October 2017, he has alleged in the trial that he acted in self-defense after the victim tried to stab him with a knife during an argument that took place in the Alcalá de Henares apartment where they had rented a room.

I am not a ripper as they say. I cut her legs and arms frozen to put her body in the chest because she couldn’t go in and I couldn’t bear to see her dead“, has confessed in the judgment that has started in the Provincial Court of Madrid.

Manuel M. faces a prosecutor’s request for 20 years in prison for a crime of murder for the death of the young woman, 20 years old. The family requests 25 years in prison.

At the time of the events, the defendant was a consumer of alcohol, cocaine, hashish and marijuana. Since serving provisional prison, he has been on a detox program.

Before detailing how the death occurred, the defendant has assured that I had never laid a finger on a woman and that it has always been against gender violence.

After the crime, he thought about committing suicide and calling the police but was shocked without knowing how to react. “I took her pulse and saw that she was dead. I got stuck. Then I went outside and smoked a cigarette. I kept using and let it go one day and another day.”, has admitted.

Manuel M. has related to questions from the prosecutor that he met the girl in the summer of 2015. He worked in a restaurant and she sent a resume. They liked each other and a month later they went to live together in Pinto.

According to his account, the young woman became pregnant but miscarried after three months, a decision he was against. In June 2016, they went to live together in a shared apartment on Camino de Santiago de Alcalá de Henares street despite the fact that the relationship was broken. The coexistence was good.

Discussion by the dog

The night of the crime the defendant had drunk and used various drugs. They argued for various reasons, including the disorder in the room because of the dog they had and money that the girl had taken without permission.

“We said very ugly things to each other. He hit me in the face and took a big bite. He tried to stab me with the knife and I stabbed it, turning it over. It was from the front and not from behind as they say, “he stressed.” He had the knife in the air. He slapped him on the arm. The knife fell silent and I stabbed it. She would have nailed it to me, “he added.

The defendant has admitted that he cut off her arms and legs because he could not bear to see her, something he did with his body frozen to prevent bleeding. “I am totally sorry. I put it in the chest in an irrational way and it worked. I continued consuming “, has narrated.

He put the body in the freezer, which he found dumped in the trash, because it had been lying on the bedspread for several days and was swelling. He introduced her face down naked. It did not close and he had to cut it. “I did not dismember it. It was postmortem. I could not bear to see it,” he said.

He cut off arms and legs. He did not do it with the knife that appears in the proceedings. He cut it with a kitchen ax that he threw away and could not be located. He did it in the room and since the body was frozen, he did not bleed. “I vomited because I ingested alcohol and took drugs to be able to do it”, has said.

At one point in his statement, the president of the court of the trial Chamber has warned him to maintain his composure since he was relaxing in the interrogation.

After that, he has continued his story commenting that the floor was cleaned with several cans of caustic soda to remove traces of blood from the landlord or the other tenant.

To questions from the attorney for the private prosecution about the injury to her jaw, she has denied that he bit her and hit her, saying that she hit the heater when she fell during the fight.

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