Saturday, June 25

“Alcatraz of Canada”: the dark history of the school for indigenous children in which 160 other unidentified graves were found

  • Darius Brooks
  • BBC News World

The Kuper Island Industrial School

Image source, Reuters

To get to or from the Industrial School, a ship was needed.

The intership, led for eight decades by the Church catolic with government funding, it was in the Cooper Island and the nearest town was Chemainus, 7 km on another island in the archipelago west of Vancouver, Canada.

Two sisters drowned while trying to escape from school in 1959. But there were so many student deaths there that no one knows for sure if there were more attempts with the same result.

The boarding school was opened in 1889 and throughout almost a century of operation dozens of children died, many of them being buried in graves that never bore his nameni they had a mark.

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