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Alcoy awards the Rodes works for 7 million to a local company

The Alcoy City Council has awarded this Wednesday the rehabilitation works of the old industrial complex of the Rodes Foundry for 7 million euros at a local company. The works to convert the ships into the future technological and cultural park that are projected will begin once the plenary session ratifies the tender and will last 28 months.

One of the star projects of the current government team (PSOE) is getting closer to seeing the light. The hiring table of the Alcoyano Consistory has evaluated this Wednesday the four offers presented to rehabilitate the Rodes industrial complex, located in the Santa Rosa neighborhood. Finally, the best positioned proposal has turned out to be the one presented by the temporary union of companies (UTE) Víctor Tormo SL and Eladio Silvestre, with an offer of just over 7 million euros.

The two construction companies are local, so the deputy mayor, Jordi Martínez, has stated that “we are particularly satisfied with the fact that the selected offer has a strong local component”, which, he insisted, “has an impact on the generation of wealth and employment in the city.

The municipal plenary session must ratify said award, which could happen in the ordinary session of September, although it is still to be finalized, since it depends on having all the necessary documentation by then.

Once the process is approved by the corporation, the successful bidder will have a 28-month execution period.

Martínez also recalled that “these works constitute the central part of the Rodes project, one of the most important of the Integrated Sustainable Urban Development Strategy (EDUSI) ‘Alcoidema‘”With which” it is expected to generate a significant economic boost in the city. ”

As this newspaper already advanced when the rehabilitation project was presented, the works will affect two different parts of the Rodes block. On the one hand, the block of warehouses that faces Salvador Allende street and the lower part of Agres street, where the technology park is projected. In this area, companies and start-ups will be installed and it will have the headquarters of the Digital District as a catalyst.

On the other hand, it will take place in the buildings located in the upper part of Calle Agres and those facing Calle Vistabella. These will be dedicated to educational and socio-cultural activities.

The two large blocks will be interconnected by a central public park, in which recovered modernist and industrial elements will be combined with the typical vegetation of the city’s natural parks.

All in all, the works are 50% co-financed by the European Union, through the European Regional Development Funds (ERDF) of the Pluriannual program of Spain 2014-2020. The remaining 50% will be provided, for the most part, by the Generalitat Valenciana and, to a lesser extent, by the Alcoy City Council.

The project to rehabilitate the industrial complex arose from the public tender organized by the Alcoy City Council, which served to award the writing to the UTE composed of Ramón Esteve Estudio, VVV Estudio, Isaac Montava and Carlos Sanjuán on July 18, 2020.

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