Sunday, June 13

Alcoy cedes to the Terra Consortium the plot where the new eco-park will be created in El Clérigo

Authorities on the plot where the Alcoy eco-park will be located.

Authorities on the plot where the Alcoy eco-park will be located.

The Alcoy City Council has transferred this Tuesday to the Terra Waste Consortium the plot in which the new eco-park will be located, in the El Clérigo area, which will be managed by the aforementioned entity. The land has an area of ​​8,500 square meters and the planned investment is about 400,000 euros. Future installations will be classified as type D, which is the largest and most complete model.

The new eco-park will have a minimum of 10 containers and two segregated areas, one for the route of users and another for maneuvering for trucks, as stated in the Comprehensive Waste Plan of the Valencian Community. A specific area will also be set up to identify waste that can be prepared for reuse, in a first phase of circular economy implementation. The enclosure will replace the current one, located in the San Pancracio neighborhood and which is in view of the plot now transferred, although at a considerable distance.

The transfer ceremony took place on the site where this new facility will be located, and was attended by the president of Terra, Isabel López, along with the mayor of Alcoy, Toni Francés, and the mayor of the Ecological Transition, Jordi. Wild. The new eco-park will also serve as a logistics base for the mobile eco-parks. All the facilities of this type in the consortium member towns will work in a coordinated manner and, for this reason, the supra-municipal entity is gradually assuming their management; Ibi’s was the first and last week it did the same with Muro’s.

The mayor of Xixona and president of the Terra Consortium stressed that “Alcoy is a good example to assert what all the municipalities and from the consortium are now promoting, that everything is done under the concepts of sustainable development objectives. They have shown that if you do things well, that if you are efficient in collecting waste and recycling and that if all the neighbors collaborate, the bill also goes down. Alcoy is a municipality that is below the forecasts we make at the beginning of the year and that affects the bottom line “, concluding that” it is essential that we all become aware that recycling is worth it “.

For his part, the mayor of Alcoy, Toni Francés, has underlined the work that the consortium is developing “to be able to solve one of the great challenges of the present and of the future that all municipalities have, such as waste management. That has always been a problem to be able to turn into an opportunity through the joint work of all administrations and citizens, who must be fully involved and aware of the need to reduce and recycle. Also to promote circular economy projects that allow us to recover products that were previously useless and that can now be reused and have a longer life, and thus also avoid the greater generation of waste ”.

Environmental education actions

The start of environmental education actions to be carried out by the Terra Consortium in the coming months was also presented this Tuesday in Alcoy. The environmental educators of the consortium have been throughout the morning at the North Zone Municipal Market explaining to citizens the importance of correctly managing waste as well as minimizing its generation.

This action will be repeated on several occasions in the municipality to reinforce the message and reach the maximum possible number of people, supporting the activities that the Alcoy City Council is already doing to raise awareness about aspects such as recycling or the circular economy. It is planned to carry out more than 50 environmental awareness actions in the 37 municipalities that are part of the Consortium, in addition to informative talks, technical conferences and environmental education days in schools.

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