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Alcoy extends the measures to try to stop the coronavirus for a week and suspends the visit of the retinues of the Magi

A child depositeding his letter to the Three Wise Men, in one of the reception points installed in the Glorieta de Alcoy.

A child depositeding his letter to the Three Wise Men, in one of the reception points installed in the Glorieta de Alcoy.
Juan Run

The Alcoy City Council has decided to extend the restrictions announced before Christmas by one week to try to stop the coronavirus, and has also suspended the visit of the retinues of the Magi to the different points of the city where children are depositeding their letters, planned for this Tuesday morning. The measure has been taken, according to municipal sources, given the high number of infections that are currently registered, “while waiting for the Generalitat Valenciana to announce new actions.” Thus, the closure of facilities and the suspension of activities continues until January 11.

Specifically, the closure of the children’s play areas in municipal parks is extended, sports facilities and suspended activities and competitions remain closed, and youth, cultural and revitalization activities that were planned in the Casal Del Nadal are canceled. . The closing of municipal libraries, exhibition halls and museums also continues for another week. As for the visit to the royal entourages scheduled for tomorrow, it has been decided to suspend it because, according to the City Council, “it is the best solution to avoid any risky situation given the characteristics it presented. The Adoration of the Magi will take place at 11:15 pm, so that no public can attend, and it will be broadcast live.

However, the Delivery of letters to the Three Wise Men in 13 points enabled for this in different places in Alcoy, where there are two royal pages and a donkey in whose saddlebag can be deposited the letter for Their Majesties. Municipal sources have insisted that “this act can continue to be carried out, since it complies with all security measures and there is a special device to control it.” The mayor, Toni Francés, has defended this same argument in the municipal plenary session held this Monday morning, in which several municipal groups have demanded the suspension of this event. This newspaper has visited several of these letter collection points during the morning and early afternoon and has been able to verify that everything was developing normally and without any crowds.

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The Party Councilor, Carolina Ortiz, wanted to thank the population “for the good behavior they are having” has asked “to continue the same, depositeding the letters in the mailboxes safely as they are doing until now.” The mayor understands that “it is a pity” that the royal entourages cannot be visited, but has emphasized that “the most important thing ishealth, andd we must prevent.” In addition, he said, the government team has “taken all possible measures within our powers to guarantee the health of citizens. “The latest official incidence figure of the coronavirus in Alcoy is 647.52 active cases per 100,000 inhabitants, but the Ministry of Health has not updated it for six days, for It is feared that the impact of the virus in the city at the moment is much greater Inn fact, the mayor pointed out in plenary session this Monday that the rate may be around 900 cases per 100,000 inhabitants.

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