Friday, May 27

Alcoy focuses the budget on its reactivation with a boost to industry and social policies

Mayor, Toni French, and the councilor for the Treasury, Vanessa Moltó, released yesterday some of the master lines of the municipal accounts project, which will be held in full, as indicated, this month. The socialist government team needs the support, by favorable vote or abstention, of at least one of the opposition councilors. However, the councilor was optimistic in this regard, since, he pointed out, proposals submitted by all groups have been included, except for Win Alcoy, from whom he said he had not received “any response” to the request to propose projects.

Budget amounts to 69.76 million euros, 16.5% more than that of 2020, so the councilor for the Treasury considered that these are “expansive” accounts. As he said, the project’s “pillars” are economic and social reactivation and the transformation and modernization of the city. ” Investments of 13 million euros are contemplated, some of them clearly directed towards the industry. In this sense, the mayor cited the promotion of this sector that is included in the Local Strategic Plan, where actions worth 6.7 million euros are contemplated, among which the Rodes technology park stands out.

In addition, Francés pointed out that there is a item for the renovation of polygons worth 700,000 euros, which will be complemented with grants from the Valencian Institute of Business Competitiveness (Ivace). He also cited another item for local employment plans of 500,000 euros, and another 880,000 in projects of the Generalitat in this regard. Likewise, the establishment of ecological transition policies, which entails energy efficiency, is also linked to industrial development, which also includes the promotion of sustainable mobility and which have an amount of 2 million.

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However, Francés and Moltó placed more emphasis on the social chapter, for the importance of support in trying to overcome the impact of the pandemic. The amount for these policies is 5.5 million euros, highlighting the 60% increase in emergency aid to families. Lines are also contemplated to promote access to housing, for a total of 300,000 euros, as well as the elimination of terrace fees for hoteliers, or garbage fees for hotels and residences, as well as the sewerage fee for families with fewer resources. At the same time, the budget for social services personnel is increased by 250,000 euros, to improve citizen service.

In section cultural and sports, On the other hand, three outstanding actions are contemplated: the fitting out of the Camilo Sesto museum in the old El Camí asylum, renovation works in the Principal Theater and the improvement of the Francisco Laporta sports center. They all add up to 500,000 euros.

French defended that this budget, “conditioned by the health, economic and social crisis”, is “the best to address the emergency situation we are experiencing and to build the future of the city.” It influenced the “search for dialogue and consensus” in its writing, following a philosophy of “joining forces to get out of the crisis as soon as possible, and reinforced.” The mayor therefore appealed to the “responsibility” of the other groups to support the accounts. For her part, the Councilor for Finance stressed that the elimination of the spending rule by the Government “will allow to increase indebtedness” and thereby develop more public policies, and that, in this sense, a loan of 9 million will be requested. euros.

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250,000 euros for the public municipal services company

Alcoy’s budget project includes an item of 250,000 euros for the start-up of the public company that will manage municipal services, whose creation was approved in the plenary session held this week. The Councilor for Finance recalled, in this regard, that “the maintenance of public services is essential, as has been demonstrated in this pandemic.” For his part, the mayor, asked about the services that this company will undertake, pointed out that “service to service, we will see which ones are more efficient through public management.” In this sense, he added that, although there is still nothing fixed, a priori they could be easier to assume “those that are intensive in personnel”, such as street cleaning and maintenance of public spaces.

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